Grow Off Harvest 2019

Well all , my competition has harvested their 4 x 4 scrogg – man this thing was fckng packed with glistening gems… But the MotaMan still has till 4/4/20 for final harvest day - and my 6 x 6 rm is FRIGGIN FCKN packed with four strains – yea yea – send pics you all say but the Mota is nearing 60 yrs and my flip phone still works – I hear the snickering ,

And I water logged my digital camera cpl yrs ago – but my ladies are all frosty – I gots Girl Scout Cookies , Lavender Purple Kush, Nilla Waffer , White Widow –

Lavenders starting to purple up — Just can’t wait till I see them hanging in my garage – competition thinks they got over an 1b … I know I got over that – but still things can change … Wish me luck in the final weigh off …

MotaMan – and thanks to all you gurus out there for your advice and constant guidance