Grow Nothern Light

Just finished up growing some Northern Light seed. My setup is a RDWC system. Have grow, a few different types, first time with NL. They came out a pretty good smoke. One thing I was wondering about was the fact I have never had plants as sticky, even the stems are tacky (More than GG)
). Alot of the leaves when done where almost white.
Thing is I tried to do some bubble hash, it came out like Carmel candy and I can not get it off of my bags. Anyone have a suggestion how to get if off my bags and save the resin


Freeze first? To harden it.


I second @Fieldofdreams freeze it.


I’ll even volunteer a freezer for a couple puffs!

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I did freeze it and it did not help so I did a second run with ice. Did help some, got the large chuck out of it, but the bag is still stickie. My try 99% isopropyl alcohol. Just have to make sure it won’t do anything to the bag?

Has anyone grown NL. Plants did not look like the ones you see on internet.

Also, the three plants (NL) I grow, you do not get the same high?

If the next batch comes out as sticky, I may do the alcohol bake and make some oil.

No…Use Everclear 190 proof grain alcohol. It cuts cannabis resin 10x better than isopropyl.
I grow mostly Northern Lights. About 2 lbs. a year dry.

You ever have them come out real sticky. 2 out of the three I grow were real sticky. Cut trim I us to make cookie’s. Have a lot of trim to make some good edibles. I make both Butter and oil.

What type of a high should I be getting smoking. The high from the trim is a total body buss.
The smoke, one is a real relaxing high, one make you stupid and the other almost a couch lock buzz.