Grow N' Tell: Mama Mia and GSC Auto


Hello fellow growers. I’ve completed my rookie year of growing, I’m a few weeks into my fourth grow and I’ve decided to open up my garden for all to see. I offer no promise of success, just varying levels of ‘not quite failing’.

Anyway, I’ll give a little history as I introduce the girls who are both in their 5th week from seed. On the left is 31 day old Girl Scout Cookie auto from Fast Buds and 33 day old Mama Mia from Seedsman. I’m going to throw a SCROG net up in a few days.

Mama Mia was topped Day 26 as you can see below:

I’m going to bend the GSC-a later today or tomorrow. Not real happy with the genetics of this GSC-a so far as in this plant was looking like a runt, and the first seed failed to pop altogether…which is why MM is two days older than GSC. This is a Day 23 GSC/Day25 MM side by side below:

Day 2 and 11 baby pictures of Mama Mia below:

For my environment I’m using a 4x4x7 tent, Viparspectra 700w dimmable, Pro Mix HP, 3 gallon smart pots, and Dyna-Gro nutrients, all of which I’ll be happy to review further in future posts.

I’ve received plenty of help from here, youtube and the many pages on the intertubs so I hope I’m able to give back a bit.


I wondered where your grow journal was, now I see you didn’t have one. I’ll be watching.


Yeah, my girls have been shy up to this point :grinning:


I like your homemade fabric pot holders! Gettin that airflow under the pots!


Thank you @hangthebanksters . The cheapest possible solution: Mud catcher for boots, dollar store cooling racks and wads of aluminum foil. Wait until you see my watering stick lol. I won’t need that until I get the scrog going and I can’t move the plants anymore.


Another perfect day in Tentlandia. 77° and late spring light spectrum all 18 hour day long. Humidity is 62%

Girl Scout Cookie - auto (left) gets the spotlight today. It’s starting to grow a little stronger and taller so we’ll be bending her down. I have a feeling this plant will be one of my least successful. The darn stems are so stringy and thin and the plant looks anemic for what should be 60% indica. I previously mention I’m not a fan of these genetics thus far. On the flip side Mama Mia (right) stems are almost as thick as the main stalk and it still has about 3 weeks of veg.

Nothing fancy, she’s still young and in veg so it’s a good time to LST. 12 gauge wire works perfect. I made the wire as straight as I could and whatever bend I choose, I want the wire to go straight down not angled to the side.

If this plant is strong, all those leaves and stems will start to turn up in just an hour or so. By tomorrow, everything should be pointing up like nothing happened.


Three hours later, much stronger recovery than I expected from this one. This GSC-a might surprise me yet.


Feeding day in Tentlandia. First feed here on the board. Next grow I’m going to put everything up here from the beginning

Anyway, I’m using Pro Mix HP for my medium with Dyna-Gro nutrients. My water is RO so I add a little Botanicare Cal-mag to put some ppms back in. GH - pH up/down, very basic. I will be introducing molasses around flower time. That will be a first for me.
I’m not having any problems with Dyna-Gro so far. I got a starter box and I’ve only had to replace the Mag-Pro. Tried AN. Can talk about that later. More than happy to try other brands.

They have a feeding chart and although this is day 34, I’m on the week 3 feeding 80% per gallon
4ml Protekt
4ml KLN
4ml Foliage Pro
2ml Mag Pro
1ml Cal-Mag
6.30 pH

GSC-auto is 32 days old and by past experience could be ready to start flowering any day now. I gave her one more bend down today. This will be fun because Mama Mia still has about 3-4 weeks of veg left.

And here’s MM (below). This one is going to fill the tent, I can feel it. I’m going to clip those garbage sprouts at the bottom. I’m guessing about 5 days until I put the scrog net up. I’ll probably give a second topping some where around there. If I don’t do it then, I won’t have time for a third…and I want that lol.

(Progress is about perspective. 9 days ago they looked like this:



I’m a Dyna-grow user myself. Great product!


Nothing major today. Began LST on Mama Mia. I’ve never done super cropping but at some point, some day, I’ll have the guts to break one of my stems.


The girls are looking good. Girl Scout Cookies Auto, 35 days old, appears to have flipped into flower (photo #2 and photo #3 on left). The nodes spacing makes me think it happened about 2-3 days ago. Yes, I’m growing an Auto next to a Photoperiod (Mama Mia day 37) and I won’t be making any light change to spectrum or hours. This wasn’t exactly planned this way. I was going to activate a new tent but I realized my ambition was outpacing my hobby so I shelved that idea…maybe I’ll revisit the idea a grow or two from now. What I have now is probably going to be a mess but hey, that’s what sharp snips are for. #ChallengeAccepted

(This is a photo of ambition…still packed up in it’s box.



Good evening to everyone and hello from Tentlandia.
Growing cannabis is a lot like having kids. You freak out over every detail of the first grow and as you churn out a few more, things get a lot easier. Sometimes even boring. This one is in the boring stage where you’re just like, “Here’s your food, don’t bother me until you’re big enough to flower”. But you still love them…and always take notes. Not every post will start off with bad jokes, some will start off with completely horrible ones, I promise.

(This was last night D37)

So with all that being said, here’s a quick review of yesterday (Day 37) late feeding. I found that my 3 gallon smart pots, filled with pro mix HP, work perfectly with one gallon of feed each and produces perfect runoff …that I don’t check. I only check if I have a problem, or I’m flushing.

MM got the same veg feed at 80% with a Cal-Mag addon. I’ll stop the cal-mag probably around week 3-4 of flower
4ml Protekt
4ml KLN
4ml Foliage Pro
2ml Mag Pro
1ml Cal-Mag
740PPM <~~ was a little high, no puns
6.30 pH

GSC-a switched to flower feed 80%
4ml Protekt
8ml Bloom
8ml Mag-Pro
2ml Cal-Mag
1050 PPM
5.9 pH after starting at 5.5 and slowly adding 1ml of pH up…which started losing effectiveness the more I added. 8 drops brought me up to 5.7pH which made me think 16 more drops would get me to 6.1pH. After 28 drops (which is one milliliter) I was only at 5.9 so I just stayed there. Also it’s been about 6 months since I last calibrated my meter.

This is today D38

Tomorrow we are going to throw up the scrog. It’s not exciting, it’s done in 5 minutes, then we wait 3-4 weeks for it to fill in. I think space will be an issue and I will in fact flip to flower in about 2.5 weeks. We’ll find out together.


Great update, and I like your jokes.


I just look at this as if I’m talking out loud to myself for anyone to hear. I’m getting a few views and likes here and there so it’s worth it! :wink:


No major update for Day 39. The girls are getting their stank on. Starting to get that big whiff right as I open the tent. Just threw the net up and raised my light a couple inches to get this to stretch a bit. I’ll end up topping Mama Mia again right before the next feeding.

GSC-a went into flower a few days ago and honestly I just don’t like this plant. I’ve got half a mind to kill it now before the tangle happens. The stems didn’t get all ‘thick and hearty’ like MM. The main stalk looks good so maybe I’ll split the stalk on this one, just to say I’ve done it. I have no idea yet.

GSC-a closeup below

The more grow time you have, the more creative you can get. The scrog gives you a chance to make a lot of mistakes because you can extend your grow time by growing out, not just up. I will usually just take my week 4 veg feeding and just keep repeating it.

Mama Mia below. Can’t wait to compare this to a picture 7 days from now.

Next event is another topping, maybe tomorrow (D40) or definitely Saturday (D41). I like roughly 10 days between topping, so I should be able to get another in. That would put me at D50, plus 10 days to heal is D60 that’s 8 weeks (and 4 days)…then the lights flip.

Time flies when you’re growing the sensi, mon.


Good evening once again and welcome back to D40 in Tentlandia. (today is D41 but I started this post last night, fell asleep before posting)

I’ve done so much today that this should be a video, but I’m going to try and jam it down to a reasonable post. Today is going to be a topping, feeding, and clipping under-growth day. When ever I plan to top or otherwise hurt the plant, I try to plan that as a feeding day. With a scrog, feeding can be a pain so I made a really cheap “Watering stick”. I took a plastic watering can, stuffed a 4’ tube up it’s snout, wrapped it in plumbers tape and hot glue at the end. Taped the hose to a bamboo stick purchased from the Walmart garden section and good to go.

Topping can be scary, but it can be very rewarding. Here are some before and afters…

And last but not least, Mama Mia had her braces removed and I cleaned the junk away from her base before and afters below. There will be lolly popping down the road.

It’s still early so if I do any work besides feeding, I’ll show ya!


An uneventful day is a good day in Tentlandia.

Day 43 means roughly 15 days until the lights flip. I’m my own worst critic and I’m barely giving myself a “C” so far. Girl Scout Cookie Auto on the left looks all thin. I’m really not liking autos in general. Only MM was fed today with a “Week 4” veg feeding.


(10 days ago



Day 45 from seed. Slow going, not seeing any nutrient problems which is nice. Growing indoors lets you play god with the environment. Still spreading Mama Mia out. I probably won’t top the third time. I will probably flip to flower sometime between Day 51 - 56.
GSC-a was fed yesterday, Mama Mia today. Life schedule has gotten busy to I’ll spare everyone the detailed feeding notes this round.

Pushed down some tops, a two hours later they sprung backup!


Looking nice and healthy bud! Your a natural!


Thank you, but not a natural by far. Hundreds of hours reading, watching videos, trying, failing…only got the courage halfway through this one to share. It’s fun to share a grow!