Grow media upgrade?


Hey ILGM family. Planning my outdoor grow in Boston. Been using promix with vermiculite and composted cow manure to retain mousture. Had great results. Looking to improve my grow media. Last grow used GO nutrients. Thinking foxfarm or Humboldt. Growing 4 Afganny, 1 Bruce Banner and 1 Goldleaf if i can get the seeds for less than $100. Growing this year in 25 gallon smart pots. Any ideas?

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Any information you get here will be highly opinionated and based on experience. For instance, a lot of members here leave fox farm stuff for promix. And you can certainly find outstanding grows in both. It really depends on what you’re looking for out of your grow and methods you want to use or get away from. There seems to be a good number of members building their own amended soils, that may be a good option to look at as well.


Thanks @dbrn32 Just maybe overthinking a bit trying to be better. Not interested in building a super soil of my own, per say. Thinking of changing up nut’s also. General Organics last grow, did good. Think i heard about trying Humboldt Nut’s from @Countryboyjvd1971. Reading good stuff about ff grow mediums. Could go for hot mixture to flower. Good chance i will be very close to my grow this year. 15 miles away last season. Thanks again.:sunglasses:

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No problem, not really my thing either. Hard to keep up with what Countryboy is using, last I knew he was trying Remo. But he seems to try them all lol. Best of luck whatever you decide!



Hello there I see your from Boston, I grew up in Norwell, Mass
But any way I’m going to send you a link to my journal,
Take your time and start from the top and you’ll see that I doing pretty much the same thing that you want to do. So I believe you’ll find my journal very interesting more so at the top and bottom of the journal.

Hope this helps you out which I think it will.

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Hey buddy @garrigan65 How’s the shoulder? Read the Rockland news lately? Any family still there? Decided to stay with my Promix hp. Not going to go supersoil. Just looking for something good to hold some moisture. Thinking worm castings and bat guano / veg; what do you suggest for “hot soil” / flower. My plants are starting inside, in a month or so. Ever use Azomite? Also trying 2 sativas this grow Bruce Banner and Goldleaf… if the seed price gets better. Tried to get 5 Goldleaf seeds. Kicked me out of the deal unless I spent another $50. Not a deal that way.:no_mouth: Do you used LST? Ever seen this set up before. Found this on Bruce Banner reviews ILGM.:wink::sunglasses:

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No, I have red any new from Rockland in years, My two sisters one in Hanover, The other one is in Hanson.
The shoulder is doing much better thank you.
The soil I use isn’t hot like some of the others. If it gets to hot nothing but trouble. I just stay with what I posted in my journal. I also am working on tea which will benefit my grows 10 fold, I haven’t grown the Bruce Banner yet may do so a little later. Along with what I have in my journal 6 Plants I have 4 others that in the 2019 Community Grow Off and 10 clones started 3 day ago

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Glad to hear your shoulder is good. Just another sex scandal in Rockland town hall.:wink: I have gone thru your journal several times. Trying to optimize and be better this grow. Taking your advice with larger grow bags. What’s with the Community Grow off? Ive not been around too much lately. @garrigan65

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Here ya go @stretchgfw.1957 come on over and take a look. You can still enter until January 31 midnight.

2019 Community Grow Off


Hey @garrigan65 . Late as usual. Just as well. Just floating seeds today. 6 ready for action. Ill keep you informed. Are you close to Cleveland,TN,? My left shoulder is now on the fritz. Maybe rotator​:open_mouth: old injury revisiting​:sleepy::wink::sunglasses:


Hello @garrigan65. How are you buddy? Hows the shoulder going? Using a @garrigan65 system this year . Great soil, very few nut’s. All about the roots. Gonna take to bigger and better as a result. Thanks for everything man. Going with 6 different strain this grow. Excited to see how Bruce Banner and my Afganny from ILGM genetics perform. Have some other strains to try out. Learned to grow more than 1 strain. Had a great grow last season. All 1 strain. Got bored. This is gonna be GOOD. Cant wait. They’re all about 2" tall in cups. Still f’n cold here on Boston. Nice sunny days though.:sunglasses:

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That is just awesome my friend. Noe you need some micro’s and check out my thread on Micro Tea. The first one is what I made first and have been giving my plants. The results are awesome to say the least… You can check out my other thread at…

                                .Will's Grow journal Into The Unknown

I think you’ll be impressed by what you see…