Grow Log #3 (Growing GG#5) **Weekly Updates!**

Adding 50 ml per 3.5 gallons of each which puts me at 950 ish ppm. and 7 ml of Hydrogaurd
nutes are

The roots feel great no slime or smell in the bucket. Feel like some top feeding will help with growth.

Average day of Bucket Temps

Should work but. Don’t use advanced nutrients. PPM is in the right range. I usually am running at 1100 but your are not that far off. PH is 5.8? Do you have enough air flowing through an air stone? How high do you run compared to the net?

1’’ off the net, Ph stay at between 5.7 and 5.8, I check and adjust daily. Running a 325 GPH through a 5-inch disc style stone.

What nutes would you recommend for hydro? I am about to re-order so I am game to try what works best. Thanks for the help @WickedAle

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I grow a bucket full of roots with GH Flora. Really easy. Almost never have to adjust the pH. Could also go with just the Micro and Bloom and run a Lucas formula the entire grow. Many here do. Roots are pearly white. I grow bushes.

Can you give me a link to the product? I am a little confused by their web-page, just want to make sure I pick up the right stuff.

and again, Thank you for your help and time!

Week 7 Day 56 (5/22/2019)

PPM: 945
ph level: 5.82 in the DWC

Ok guys in need of some help, going into bloom today. Both plants look and smell great, the dwc plant is behind still on size. I have been top feeding for about a week to try to get it moving, seems to be helping but the roots just aren’t putting down like I was expecting,

I am moving to the GH Flora in the DWC. The roots in the water are very healthy but stained from nutes.


Just curious, do you feel any slime on the bucket sides? Maybe a H2O2 peroxide root wash after a good bucket comet/Ajax cleaning and thorough rinse is in order. Something is not allowing those roots to grow.

You know I notice when I change my water often where the bubbles kinda hit the side is kind of slimy only in that spot. Also the tube leading to the stone tends to have some slimy stuff that I clean.

I just assumed hydro guard would protect me. How do I go about washing the roots?

Hydroguard is weak at best to keep all organisms away. It’s only a single species of Bacillus. If another organism is more adapted it will take over as I suspect has happened. This may not be successful but all surfaces that can be sterilized/cleaned (with bleach or comet/Ajax) need to be.there is a biofilm(slime) that will need to be scrubbed off at the same time as you are sterilizing. After you have cleaned the parts then you need to soak the roots in a 3% solution of peroxide. Of course the roots cannot be bleached. Don’t bother adding the hydroguard when you soak because the peroxide will kill it off anyway. Just add nutes as you normally would.

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply, I will follow instructions and see if it helps. I also have ordered the nutes you suggested going to give them a go once it all clean.

The general answer I found was about 50mL of 3% H2O2 for a standard 5 gallon bucket dwc setup. Does this seem about right? @WickedAle

Sounds about right. Every 5 days until your roots improve.

Week 8 Day 63 (5/22/2019)
Bloom Week 1
PPM: 1130
ph level: 5.9 in the DWC

Alright I need some help, Saturday, I dumped the bucket and Ajaxed the hell out of it, same with the air tube. Refill it with GH Flora, added 50ml of H2O2, and some root booster. Been keeping an eye on it since. Tonight was the update, so I pulled the plant, no slime on the bucket or hose, but the roots look slimy, but don’t feel it. No smell, I am completely stumped at this point. I am going to continue to run H2O2 at my water change on Saturday. There has been root growth since the change, the plant visually looks good it is just not growing as fast as I know it should be.

If anyone can tell me what I am missing here I’d be over the moon. :rofl: @WickedAle

Is your netpot in the water? plant should be dbl that size

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All of the white is new roots. Hopefully you got all of the microbes, you cannot add back microbes (root booster ingredients?) as you are adding peroxide. Your priority now is to continue to treat the roots until you have a health base and then you could start supplementing new microbes back in. Those brown roots still look nasty.

That’s what I saw also. He has quite a root rot problem that I am helping him attack.

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No the netpot bottom is 1" off the surface of the water. Pretty frustrated with DWC, feel like I’m doing everything right and nothing seems to change. Mean while Mr Soil is going to town

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Yea I am sticking with, I just don’t know how I picked up root rot. Always have bucket temperature on point, bucket was brand new. Kept the water 1’’ off. Just trying to figure out my mistake to avoid it in the future.

@WickedAle Think I have finally turned the corner, going to continue to run H2O2 at my next water change tomorrow but the roots are looking 100% better this evening, I am kinda amazed how much better they look in just two days.

Thank you again for all your advice and help up to this point!

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Week 11 Day 77 (6/7/2019)
Bloom Week 3
PPM: 1090
ph level: 5.8 in the DWC

Well shit, I guess I forgot to post last weeks progress, been busy with a new job and forgot all about it. Continue to run H2O2 and root booster. The root system is looking a lot better on the DWC, grows more and more each day. Still some slim on the roots here and there but continues to clear.

Sorry again for slacking! See you guys next week! This time on Wed :smile:

Planning on picking this light up night Friday, thoughts?