Grow lights question

I have 2 Mars TS 1000 for a 5x5 tent and each one is supposed to cover 3x3 in veg and 2.5 in flower. I was gifted a Updayday light and was wondering if it would be OK to use it or do I have enough light? Thanks…

More light. According to the info you gave the 2 lights will cover 2.5x5 which is only half the tent.

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Thanks… Have you heard of the Updayday light? I didn’t know if it would affect my plants or not with a different grow light that I’ve never heard of?

For a Amazon Burple light its not too bad. If your not having heat issues, and couldn’t add something nicer, I would plug it in. 270ish watts they say in the ad, probably not as efficient as the Mars but will add light and coverage. I found the Mars TS and lights like it produce less heat compared to the average blurple light on the shelf in the garage.

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I dont have any heat issues. The Mars lights on average go up 3 degrees and it’s fall weather here , so my average is 75 degrees. Thanks…

I have 2 of these.

Would I need the 1800 one with the other 2 and would the one being a different light hurt my grow? It’s a 5x5 tent. Thanks…