Grow lights/ Grow tent kit

Hello, first time grower here. Looking to grow one plant at a time. 2 quick questions. First. What what lights should I get. Also, I know people here say not to buy the all inclusive grow tent kit but that’s what I’m doing. I need this as easy as possible and I don’t need to piece everything together. Any suggestions on all inclusive grow tent kits ? Thanks !

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Hey so I’m a newbie myself I went with a spider farm 27,27,63 kit. Ordered it when Amazon had its sell day got everything for 300 $. Most people will say order piece by piece, if you know what you are doing probably cheaper that way. There enough great people to push you in right direction. My 2 cents only growing 1 plant.


I agree with :point_up: above spider farmer is great I’ve been using them for a while now, I would go with the 2x4 and sf2000 or even better the 4x4 and sf4000 unless space is an issue of course


Thanks !!

Thanks for the help !!!

Liked Mceasy said above if have the cash get bigger tent and light. Just incase you want to do more later. 4x2 great space for 2 autos, or maybe 3 in 3 gallons pots. Possibility are endless


we bought a kit I looked at buying pcs one at a time,but the only thing I wished I knew ahead of time when money was there I would have bought a second light.


We bought a kit. And, said the same thing. Come to think about it, we have seen lots of folks here say the same thing, “just want to keep it simple.”… hahaha! Yeah good luck with that…lol, j/k
No telling how much we’ve changed our grow and spent.
One thing I can say, our grows are extremely small compared to most everybody here… lol

Just make sure to get something with a decent light. They definitely have you covered good!

Ask before you do or try something you’re unsure of. More than likely somebody will have an answer. Good luck with everything!! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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Thanks !! What watt light do you use ?

Thanks !! What wattage light would you use for one plant ?

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I started growing in coco but now am doing hydro rdwc.
We started out in a 32”x32” tent with a blurple light all as a kit from Amazon.
Now we’ve got a small room that I built with a veg/flower foot print of 3’x5’ I have two ChilLed Mini x3’s in there. They’re about 200 watts each. I only do two at a time. But they are usually awesome! All just for the two of us.
Once you go hydro, you’ll never grow back… lol :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

Thanks for your help !! 200w should be good right ?


I have space constraints, and close neighbors on one side…

I initially did a complete kit… Wish I had gotten a slightly bigger tent, but this one stores easily. Ha!.. :rofl:

I then upgraded the light, fan, and added a 2nd filter for well… You know!.. :sunglasses:

While the light is waaaay too big for my tent, I’ve found that my buds on the 3rd grow are much more dense. I just have to watch the temps…

All that being said… Listen to the experts on here and not me. I’m still learning as much as I can from them!. LoL!.. Cheers!.. :beers:

From last week… Grandaddy Purple Auto 65 days above ground…


I just received my Spider Farmer SF1000 Grow Kit today. Mine cost me $379. Make sure you go through ■■■■■■■ so your money is insured.

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Start looking at Horticulture Lighting Group, AC Infinity, chilLED Tech, or some of the higher end Spider Farmer lights (nothing that ends in D; I.e. the SF-1000D). I personally use an off-brand called KingBrite, but they have to be purchased direct from the manufacturer off of Alibaba and it feels… sketchy. They’ve been good to me, I’ve bought 4 lights so far. $170 for a 240w with UV and IR diodes. Definitely a fan of the $ savings.

A tent kit isn’t the worst plan. It’s not the best plan. If you find a truly cheap kit and start out knowing you’re going to need to buy a better light to flower out for a good yield, then by all means go for it.

If you have a budget, I enjoy slapping together “tent kits.” I won’t promise to do the best but I’m constantly watching prices on things. :rofl:


Can I just suggest prolly be cheaper out at the end also get a cheaper tent from Amazon or wherever buy from ac infinity the 4 inch t4 setup fan and get a hlg 135rspec light. Light is about 150 fan is I believe 129 tent can be found for like 5p or 60 bucks. In a kit ur gonna pay most for the light and be upset with it in the end. Just suggestions that will make u happier in the end. We can post some pics of the things u would need to order to make it simple but if be much happier piecing it out than a kit. Welcome and once again just suggestion to save u in the beginning.


@Latitudes oh my my. those are beautiful.
wowza. I hope someday…Happy Harvest

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