Grow lights for 5x5x6 ft tent

Hello, first time here. I have a 5x5x6 ft. grow tent. I’m planning on putting 9, 5 gallons pots (hopefully). I would like to know which grow lights will best fit to cover all 9 plants. any other advice will be greatly appreciated.


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@lablue 50-75 watts per square foot of True watts , when a Company say Equivalent Watts beware

Alot around here are on the quantum board/ strip led train. Anything around HLG 600 should cover you ft ² wise.


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@PurpNGold74 What character(s) did you use to form the sq. Ft. 2?

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He had to add it to his keyboard, I asked the same… lol.

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on your keyboard ALT + 0178

Thanks, any brands you guys recommend?

I run 3 HLG 260XL Rspecs in my 5x5.


Welcome to the community. Id reccommend HLG lights. The size is compact enough to give you head room should you need it and a lot of people here use them with great results. I personally have the growers choice roi e720 but wish I would of gone with HLG from the get go now that I have them

With an Iphone copy the ² then

Settings-> General-> Keyboard-> Text Replacement.

I put squared and


I run HLG , and love them . But Their are so many new lights out, that are producing similar quality . @dbrn32 is ILGM light guru. He’s the man to ask about bang for the buck

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