Grow lights for 2 suoer skunk plants

I have 2 80w 4foot long and 5inches wide full spectrum led grow lights. My question is will that be enough to grow 2 super skunk plants

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What is 5" wide led? Make and specs?

Welcome to the neighborhood :grinning:

They are 5 inches wide 4 feet long and 3 inches thick and have 2 40w

rows each.

Thx bro ill need all the help i can get lol

So you only have 80w total?

160w total

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Rule of thumb is 40 to 50 w per sq ft. You will be able to grow.
Are plants auto or photoperiod?

Super skunk auto’s

You might be ok with 160w, maybe not as big a yield, but these ladies surprise us all the time. You have come to the right place for assistance…

I looked those lights up. Unless you bought the 4 pack, it is only 80w total. Each unit is 40w. That will grow cannabis but will probably result in light, “airy” buds. I run 2 marshydro T-1000s (200w total) in approx 4’x2’ and get fair results.


I use a Mars hydro ts 600 and a Samsung led quatum board

only 200w??? mars hydro says that those lights pull 150w each, im confused, i also have 1 of the ts1000 is why im saying this…ive been thinking it was 150w, so is it only 100?


Ts600 is 100watts each the ts 1000 is 150watts

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Lighting depends on grow space and plant count. What size is your pots and grow space?

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Awfully low red spectrum for flowering according to the graph.

It’s going to be difficult with the light only producing 260 umol/m2s at 0” (essentially laying on the plants). You want around 700 umol/m2s for veg and 800 for flower.


Guess I’m screwed then thx.

I have a SF2000 for veg in one 5x5 tent and 2 sf4000 turned down half way for flower in another 5x5 tent. Here is the thing about light…

It is the single most important thing plants need to grow. The media (soil, coco, DWC) isn’t as important, and as long as you can control temp and humidity. Imagine growing a plant in full shade under an oak tree that allows very little light to the understory (plants under the tree shadow), obviously it would not produce as much yield as the same species in full sun.

This is also true in indoor due to differences in lighting.

My story, around 2002 I did a deep dive into closet growing. I had a 2x4 closet that I outfitted with 6 - 2 bulb grow light T-5’s. Fairly inexpensive and wow was it bright. 12, 4 foot T5 s. I thought I had adequate light. But I did not. The problem wasn’t PAR/PPFD,… DRUM ROLL PLEASE… It was the directed of light my lefs proceeded

Not only was growth painfully slow and stretchy, but after i flipped to flower, I realized, the plants weren’t going to produce what I hoped.

Lesson learned by me. You can have everything dialed in for your grow except lighting and you will harvest less, almost not worth the effort as I found out.

Thank you kindly Sir :pray: where you able to look at the specs on that light and base an honestopinion? I will use one light per plant 2×2sq ft and from what i read thats the best way to get the best results… i respect any and all comments, suggestions, opinions and wisdom :muscle::pray: