Grow Lights and Power Stabilizer

I have a 2000 watt cob light and want to add another 1000 watt led light. My breaker will trip if i have certain things running while my light is on. Will a power stabilizer prevent my breaker from tripping?

The problem probably isn’t happening due to unstable voltage. You’re likely pulling too many amps on the circuit

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So can i buy something that gives me more power or some kind of cheat

You need to plug the new light (and the other items) into a different circuit.
2000 watts is over 16 amps on a 120 volt circuit(I’m assuming you’re in the U.S.). Most household circuits are rated for 15 or 20 amps. Even if you happen to be on a 20 amp circuit, you’re getting close to the limit with just that one light.

You’ll have to upgrade your wiring to put in a larger breaker or find an outlet that is on a different circuit.

Sounds like you need an upgrade, some older houses still have 100 A service when really you probably need at least 200A, When it comes to burning your house down ,there is no cheap way. If you already have a 200 A service then you can just find a couple breakers that you can dedicate to lighting. Most important thing is safety man, I want to see all you guys and gals tomorrow. You will figure it out!


Just did a new box on my house, ran 2x20 amp circuits to my 7’x4’ room.

I also did GFCI outlets.

$2600 bucks, worth every penny(I know, expensive but I’m in SoCal).


IF the wiring on that circuit is 12 gauge, (12/2 12/3) or thicker, and IF the breaker is 15amps, you can replace the breaker with a 20amp one. This will give you approx 16amps of draw before issues arise.

DO NOT put a larger breaker in if your wiring cannot handle the draw.

My best advice is to add another 20 amp circuit, or plug your additional lights into another circuit.

I just added a 20amp circuit for my flowering tent. It took me about an hour to run the cable, and hook up the breaker and gfci outlets. I had the cable on hand and the breaker was less than $50. Fairly easy if you’re comfortable with that sort of thing
Sorry there are no real cheats.


@Veeezuz, I agree with all of the above and pay close attention to what @Drinkslinger said DO NOT ATTACH A LARGER BREAKER THAN THE WIRE IS RATED FOR. 12 gauge wire 20 amp breaker max. 14 gauge 15 amp max