Grow light to start plants

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Oh…OK! Good luck. that attitude doesn’t last long here. I would like to say good luck growing at it alone but I’ll reserve that for when I see your pics down the road :love_you_gesture:

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I asked a legit question for help after reading and wasn’t looking for some smart answer. So please just skip my post if you are goi g to answer with anything other than help.

I would recommend reading forum community guidelines when responding to others.
If you can’t be kind, then please don’t contribute.


How was I supposed to know that? I’m new.

I asked som very detailed straight forward non joking questions. I did not expect a response like that. Apologies .

Could you look at my most recent post and tell me what your thoughts are? I’ve read as much as I could and am still confused as to this situation. The responses I got were not appropriate from others and neither was one of my responses. Thank you. Your las words of wisdom worked and the problem disappeared.

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Have I seen my most recent post? Looking for advise after extensive reading and I’m not able to narrow down the problem. Thank you.

Looks like potassium deficiency. More light will cause the plant to photosynthesize more rapidly.

So this has been bothering me, so I am going to get this off my chest. I was the offender.

I simply posted an “awe shucks” meme because I was referred to as part of the dream team. I have since deleted that post. It was not meant to be a BS smart a**ed answer. If I offended in any way, again I apologize. But we are all here in an attempt to help each other. I choose to do that in a light-hearted manner and hopefully get someone to smile.

Good luck, and I hope you get the answer you are looking for.


I’m sorry also sir. I’m dealing g with a recent death and came off to you completely wrong. I got back into growing after 20 years as an outlet for my PTSD/TBI. I’m repetitive and short memkory. I’m sorry if I offended you or the community in any way. I just don’t have the memory or concentration I did before the accident. Thanks again and please accept my apology . I come to this forum because of great advise and people.


And that’s the love this community is about!!! Now let’s grow some good buds!


Well I hope all is well with everyone here. Sorry I just realizing the questions. I’m new and learning here too. The guys tagged here are more seasoned than i am and have better knowledge to give.
But the canopy getting the burnt edges could be from the light being to close perhaps. The edges going up most likely from heat stress. Some lights give off hot spots in certain areas of the tent. Even though you got the fans on. I’m not sure about the spots on the leaves. Could be from feeding or just plain water droplets on the leave. Sorry for your loss bud.

Thank you for that GMan lol. When you include Ryan who was already in the thread to that list I thought I had compiled quite the knowledge pool here. Dream Team was me just trying to be humorous. I’m glad that Newt is a Scholar AND a Gentleman. Back to growing all!! :sunny::cloud_with_rain::brain::seedling: = :evergreen_tree:


I love ILGM :rofl:


Post some recent pictures, the basics like medium, nutrients, light, temps and RH and let’s get the issue fixed. There’s nothing like smoking your own buds :love_you_gesture:

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