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Thanks for the reply. Another question for you. I noticed these this morning and they are isolated to these plants. I’m using ocean forest soil , my ph is 6.6-6.8 I’m watering every 3 days or when needed and every other water I give nutes. I did have a fan on them and perhaps I had it to high ? Also I moved the lights ba k to 26". Any thoughts on what guys could be?

Do you have any idea what this could be? My ph is good at 6.5-6.8. My lights are 24" above and are led’s. I did have a fan blowing on them for half a day and it was pretty direct wind. Also the lights were at 20" and I moved them back. It’s only 3 plants that have these spots. Any help would be appreciated.

Did you possibly get a little splash of nutes on them? Or water? Sometimes water can lens under the lights and burn it a some


Any idea what it is ?

@Borderryan22 @PDiPietro :point_up_2:agreed. Judging by how dark green the older growth is where the spots are even if the lights didn’t burn by intensifying the nitrogen could of sat there and burned its way in possibly. Just a thought. :thinking:

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They look great. And I appreciate your input. Could you possibly give me your opinion as to what this might be. ? It’s on 3 of my plants. My ph is good 6.5-6.8 . Lights are 24" above the plants. I did have a fan blowing directly on them for a day and the lights were at 20" , I moved them back to 24". The fan caused some leaf curl and some tips went yellow / brown so I removed them. Any help would be appreciated . Thanks.

Yes that’s very possible. One morning some leaves were wet when the light went on. I wasn’t to worried because it wasn’t spreading but wanted to know for sure it wasn’t serious.

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Just keep a close eye, and kinda careful when you feed them. If the problem gets worse and you know they aren’t getting wet or splashed, feel free to tag.

I will. Thank you.

I noticed this yesterday in my canopy. I added an extra light as suggested to keep my plants going to a couple of weeks until I put them outside. The new light is AOPO A 4000 , it’s driver is mean well ELG-240-48AB. It has two of these drivers mounted on top. My ph is at 6.5-6.8. Nutes have been every other watering which is about every 3-4 days. Temps have been around 63-65f at night and around 78-81 F during the days. I have a oscillating fan moving indirect air over the canopy . It the odd two tone color of one plant and some of the young leaves are doing this upward curl only on two plants and random brown spots. Any help would be very much appreciated sir. I’m old new meaning I haven’t grown in 20 years and have forgotten a lot due to advanced memory loss due to PTSD . Thank you.

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I added an AOPO 4000 led light to sustain my plants for a couple of weeks til they go outside. My ph is 6.5-6.8 I water every 3-4 days or as needed about 16oz per plant, sometimes only 3/4 of that bottle is used. I give nutes fox farm Bloom @3tsp per gal of water. I noticed the uncurled leaves , a few random brown spots(did not splash them) and some yellowing on the leaf edges. What can I do to correct this or at least a diagnosis. Other than these things my canapoy look ok … I think :man_shrugging: Your help and expertise would be appreciated.

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Please don’t waste my time with silly bs. I’m asking for help not to be mocked. Thanks bro… have a great day.

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@PDiPietro These names are really really great at diagnosis. I wasn’t trying to waste your time. I literally learn something new weekly following this group.

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