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Do you run more than one tent? And if so, what are the sizes?

3x3 and 4x4 I keep a couple of autos going in the 3x3 while vegging photos

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Working on perpetual grow. If my clones were ready they could have went in to the 4x4 when I harvested.
Trying to set up perpetual grow

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Very cool. I have my old lights outside my tent in open area. Not as efficient but I do like how it feels. Works well for veg.

If it’s working that’s great, seems like your plan is going well.

Hey JB, it’s neen a while. Hows things growing for you?

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50-Grove-1-OZ bags, were cheaper than a dozen glass jars.
Mine arrived today.

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While jars can be accumulated, My hand spasms killed a jar, with an ounce to be cleaned from glass pieces.

Bags for 3 months then jar, in the grape seed oil.