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Gorgeous ladies HeyJB.

I just flipped to flower, gotta couple of autos that are ready.

Soliddawg, those are trees for real. Did you start inside and move out.

I just suffered a let down as well. Ended up with 2 males in the grow tent. Bagged em and trashed them. It was a chance I took, my buddy gave me two clones and a couple of seeds. I knew there was a chqnce of them being male but damn vorh of them. I thought it was 50 50 chance my luck got a 100 :joy:.

Peace and Happy Growing to Y’all

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Top pick was one of the males, they went to their maker!

Buds are Fruit by the Foot Autoflowers, harvesting tonight. Sticky smells great looks fabulous not as big a yielder from the Northern Lights and Super Skunk I just finished up a few months ago!

Got my Cherry Pies under the 640 and they are just starting to flower. I will send pics soon.

Peace and Happy Growing to y’all!


Man thats a lunker bud! Smells fruity from here!

Hey thanks HeyJB your buds look just as tasty. Wish we were neighbors :joy:!

Hey Grow Family, lets stay positive and keep on Growing It!

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Me too! I dont have any growmies near by that I know of so I’m all alone in this venture outside of my ILGM family.

Well we just have to make do with what we got. Share pics and experiences to become better growers. ILGM is a neat community!

Peace and Keep on Growing It!

Phew. Most definitely needed to go. :joy:

Hello Grow Family. So quick update Fruit by the Foot Autos are ready (90 days today

I have 2 Cherry Pies under the ProGro640. Day 17 flower. 12 inches above canopy 60% light intensity. NOTE: due to unforseen circumstances they vegged way too long! Plants are around 6ft. tent is 8 ceiling 10. first photo run and the grow issue I had. I will not let the girls vet this tall next run. This is 8 weeks veg. This did show me that one plant can fill out out a 4x4 easy. These two plants are fighting for space.
I topped a little and super cropped some.
I will do last defoliation on day 21 by cleaning up the bottom third, stripping large fan leaves, leaves pointing in and covering bud sites. So far amazing journey, long ways to go but no issues thru veg and no issues with the autos. They smell fruity with citrus and a touch of gas.

I hope y’all enjoy the pics