Grow light replacement questions

I been trying to figure out for a couple days now, if since I have to cut back on my electric bill, can I remove one of the 2 lights from my veg tent (300 watt) garbage light that came with a tent, and removing one of the 3 lights in my flower tent, (1000 watt) Gixxer, WITHOUT disturbing/stressing the plants to the point of issues? And I ordered a new qb light from hgl and want to know when it comes how do I switch out my lights without disturbing them as well? I’m not even sure if this is something I’m overthinking, or what, but ever since a few weeks back I woke up with a male one day and herm the very next, I’VE BEEN TERRIFIED to lose any more plants!!

You should be able to remove the extra light from veg, with out any issues. You can do the same to the flower tent, but may reduce your yield in the end.

@Covertgrower well I did it, I removed the Gixxer, and now I have 5 seedlings 2 autos and 3 photos under a 600watt Viparspectra, that should do it huh? Then when my QB gets here, it’s going into the flower tent, and I’ll then put the other 300 watt Viparspectra in the veg tent and have 2 in there again, but thanks for answering, I think maybe I wasn’t asking it right for a couple days cuz I COULD NOT get a direct answer that I needed

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Happy to help, sorry to hear you didn’t get answer before. If it wasn’t clear, or you didn’t tag anyone, sometimes things get looked over.

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The important thing is that you came out with a plan and learn that just because a light says 1000 watts dosnt means it does have 1000 watts , I heard that you are getting a QB at lest now you are heading in the right direction, just confirm that’s a recomendable light before spending money

This is basically the same topic you started 2 days ago.

Please don’t open multiple topics asking the same questions.

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@dbrn32 Hahahaha, will try not to, didn’t mean to, I’m new to this forum and for some reason could not find the thread I FIRST posted, I’m not really into doing things frivolously, so I definitely didn’t say to myself, “hey let me create ANOTHER thread, that’s almost identical to the one I posted a few days ago” because I feel like seeing myself type it all over again. I will do my best to learn the navigation of this forum, before it happens again, BUT if it does it DID NOT happen on purpose as this one DIDN’T EITHER!!!


Click on your avatar that’s located top right of page. It should take you to your profile page. If your not in the summary menu, select it from drop down box. That will list all of your topics, just scroll down the page some.

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@Randy_Marsh, yeah it’s confirmed as it was recommended by @BobbyDigital, and I can’t remember the other guys name to tag him, but yes the HLG or HGL whichever it is​:joy::joy::joy:, QB will be here today, so it’s going in today, I have another question, have you ever heard of using 2 carbon scrubbers for the same tent, I bought a ducting splitter so I can hook up my extra scrubber cuz the CHEMDOG is becoming REALLY Stinky I can smell a faint smell of it when I walk into my house, and I know it won’t be long before my neighbors who’s apartments are connected will be able to smell too, I’m just worried about imploding my tent!! :joy::joy:

There are high cfm kits to fight that , with one good filter should do it , never tried 2 filters myself at the same time

Two filters on one fan will likely be counterproductive. You’re adding more airflow resistance and you may end up having more odor than before. If you have good negative pressure and getting odor, you’d be better off picking up a higher quality filter


@BobbyDigital, any recommendations on that higher quality scrubber?, And I need to know if I buy 10 get 10 are the free ones the same strain as the bought ones? I already have the AC infinity, I know it’s not top line, but what’s better?

@Randy_Marsh @BobbyDigital, I did it, I hooked em both up to the 6 inch AC infinity inline it seems to be working, I also put the window AC unit in today, soni can try to keep my temps cooler during the day, cuz I heard that cooler temos bring out the awesome colors of my girls, that 6 inch has some SERIOUS PULL on 10, it’s pulling through BOTH scrubbers with a booster blowing air INTO the tent and STILL looks like it’s gonna implode, but everything is nearly perfect the way I have it, we’ll see if it stays that way over night, as the lights go out in 11 minutes!!

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Yes, buy 10 get 10 is the same strain. If you have an ac infinity filter you may have something else leaking odor. So far everyone here that uses them has had positive reviews of them

This is usually for the last part of flower. When you have a good temp swing (I.E. 80* day, 60* night) you can pull some good color. But that is also phenotype and strain related. Some strains and phenos just refuse to change color. Some change regardless of temps. My last jack herer went purple without any major temp changes.


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@BobbyDigital, yo I finally got my light today, and set it all up, I’m pretty sure my plants are loving it, now I know it’s not 100% necessary for me to keep the Viparspectra 600 watt in there, but will it hurt?, or could it be better?, I left that one in there for the time being until I hear what ppl say, but if it’s not good to have it in there as well, I’ll remove it!! But it honestly looks like their loving it ALL!!

@BobbyDigital , yeah the crystal meth strain is a beautiful looking plant if you can get them colors to come out, she’s been back and forth with lime green, dark green, purples and now back to green, it’s hard telling though as the lights will mess with color as well!!

@BobbyDigital, damn bro, I truly wish I would have, bought the next kit up from the one I got, I’ve been using it for a few days now, and wonder what the chance of ordering the next 265w RSPEC and when it gets here either possibly returning the little one, or selling it elsewhere at a discount price, will HLG refund me for it, do you know, I have no need for both, and really want the bigger one after seeing what this one can do, and don’t want to buy the big one, just to have the little one sitting around OR will HLG maybe replace the little RSPEC for a BSPEC maybe?

@BobbyDigital not sure how familiar you are with them, but the recommendation of that light came from you so just figured you might know!

You’d need to check with them if they’d take a return. You could just pick up another 135 kit. It’s basically the same as the 260 but you’ll have separate heat sinks so you can run the lights at different heights and different intensities. I have 5- 135w kits.

@BobbyDigital yeah I actually like that idea way better, I’m bout to out the order in, bit I did want the BSPEC for my veg tent too, I’m torn, I really want more HLG QB RSPEC for my flower tent, cuz I’ve literally seen what it’s capable of, but I also want the BSPEC too and can’t afford both, what would you recommend? Another RSPEC for flower to boost those buds some more, or a veg booster? Also I have a question about harvest should I just ask you or start a thread?