Grow light recommendation

That is wonderful news thank you because there is a big price difference and I want to do it right if I’m going to do it. Well that sounds like a hit to me. What stage of your grow are you into?

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Yeah that’s what I’m looking at is a 2x4 tent so that light would be perfect for a 2x4 hey?

So do you think one would be big enough for a 2x4 tent?

Yea for sure right now I’m only running 1 1000 cause I have super limited verticality and im at seedling stage but I get readings of 6500 lux at 40 in and 20k at 24 in with the 2000 you’ll be getting double that roughly( feel free to get 2 1000s it allows more flexibility and they’re exactly half the price and they daisy chain)

Okay you’re cracking me up because I don’t know the lingo at all. I really wish we could have a conversation about it but it’s all Greek to me.

My room is a literal closet 2.75x 3.5 x 5 and it’s more then enough for my 3 autos and if you train your girls of scrog them I think you’ll do great ( pic was from when I did a test while clearing it out)

Lux is light intensity heres a guide for beginners and download the lux reader phone app and daisy chain is when you can plug a light into a light

What does sgrogg mean

Do you have to have a fan or ventilation in your closet?

Screen of green it’s when you use a special net to weave your tops for max leaf space and im debating whether or not to get a full carbon filter exhaust pipe but for now I run one circulating oscillating fan one vent out small fan and 1 fan pushing air through the bottom crack of my mylared doorway

Holy cow I have never heard of weaving the tops of your plants is that something that I am going to need to do? Man I don’t know if I want to get into this.

You dont need to but I’d recommend at least low strength training to keep your girls more horizontal then vertical I personally do it by tying an anchor twine ring around my fabric pot and gently tying twine to your branches/stem pushing them down and separating them but you’ll get fine results not doing anything

And dude it’s a little pricey to start off but it’s the easiest hobby you could ask for and it saves you so much money if your a smoker all you do daily is check the soil humidity with your finger or the lift method for the first 3 weeks then do a few tie downs start you fert regiment wait till they flower check for cloudy trichs, flush, wait for amber trichs then dry an cure

5th week of flower. No complaints regarding the lights.

I have been growing some white widow Auto flowering a few times in a 30" x 30" , 63" high grow tent, just fit 3 plants, But i use a HPS grow light in the colder times of the year like winter to keep the tent warm, Then i will use a LED grow light in the warmer times of the year because LED’s dont make much heat but lots of light and use less power, HPS lights use a lot more power but do have their advantages,
(HOPE THIS HELPS YOU) Have fun growing and take care of your green girls!!!


So you literally take branches and pull them or tie them down until their horizontal?

Wow they are beautiful! Good job growing!

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So your tent is two and a half feet by two and a half feet?

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Here’s an example at progression of a scrog. It is way easier than it sounds. You start by topping the plant. As it gets bigger and starts to grow above the net, you tuck the parts back under the net and move it to another square. Continue this until your net is about 50% full then flip to flower


Sorry I fat fingered that a little I meant to type 60% full