Grow light or sunlight?

I have the ability to carry my 3 gallon plants outside every day and place them in the sun during the best 7 hours of sun, and then move them back inside to finish their day. Now that they are so buddy in week five of flower, I wonder if I might be doing more harm than good?

Nothing beats real sunlight.


Shaking the buds a bit no big deal?

You mean when you’re moving them? No, it won’t hurt them.

Cool. Thank you very much!

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I think that “best 7 hours” is important. I grew a winter crop and put it outside to flower. (Southern California, so mild winters.) My indoor crop has much bigger buds and much frostier. I think outside only gets the equivalent of about 4 hours of full sun in the winter. (Solar engineers say 5 hours average for the year.) But inside, they get 12 hours of full-strength light. Indoor plants can get a lot more total light than outdoor plants.

So you may want to cut your outside time down to 10 to 2, and use your inside lights the rest of the 12 hours.


Thank you!

Hello Again! I must partially answer my own question. It’s been about three weeks since I asked “Grow light or Sunlight?” There have been some pretty dreary days here on the central coast of CA, so I have kept the plants under light for several days and I think I see more stamin production under these two $40 full spectrum led lights than when they are outside. The plants are just now in week 7 of flower and starting a 2 week flush.


Looking pretty frosty! I love it when you can see the dense white trichomes with the naked eye. It means you are doing it right.

I started this topic so I’m going to ask an unrelated question. Did I do this to my plants by rubbing the stock to get a scent? Or is this some other problem? What I’m referring to is the dead stock on one of my primary colas.

Very common as plant matures. Depends on strain genetics as well.

What I have also noticed is that if plants are exposed to outdoors; the stalks will solidify rapidly. I believe this is a natural reaction of the plant.

Thank you! That makes me feel better. Yes, the plant was finished. I took it down three days ago.