Grow light issue

I’m really confused here as to what the purpose of higher power lights is. I have a 60watt roleadro I think that’s what it’s called. And I saw this 150w light on sale, things great but I can’t run it past 25% without roasting my grow. What can I do to get the most out of my light??? Please and thank you


Hi there.

Is heat the issue? What is the specific issue you are concerned with? The light you have will generate a lot of heat since it uses inefficient diodes. The light isn’t very powerful and there shouldn’t be issues with light intensity since it only puts out 150 watts.

I would send the light back and get one that is built with Samsung LM301 series diodes.

How far above is the light from the canopy???

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@MidwestGuy @Audiofreak its about 16 inches above the top of my plant, it’s the highest it can be. The leaves start curling and the tips turn yellow.

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It’s hydro critical +2.0auto 18/6 light cycle

That’s very likely going to be too close/too intense for young plants. I’d be investigating a way to increase the distance between the light and your canopy.


@Graysin ya it’s at the top of the tent. The plants a few weeks into flower.

Should I be able to run 150w light at full power without issue? It’s dumb bright

Yeah, a 150w light isn’t much by way of firepower. I am wondering if it’s generating too much heat at the surface of the leaves or if it’s just too close.

If you rest your hand on the canopy under the light, does it start to feel warm after about 90-120 seconds?

Ya it’ll feel a little warm but it doesn’t throw the room temp out of wack or anything

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That was my suspicion.

I think your plants may be getting heat stressed, as opposed to light stressed. I suggest getting a small fan pointing directly at the light, and another pointing in the space between the light and the canopy. It doesn’t really generate a lot of ambient heat but sort of like being under the sun at 70° outside, eventually you’ll still get toasty even if it’s not hot outside. The purpose of the fans is to disperse the direct heat coming from the diodes and bearing down on the plant. It won’t reduce your ambient temps any but what it will do is help disperse that “warm” feeling.

I have a veg tent where I essentially can’t keep my lights more than 12-16” away from my canopy either. A cheap desk fan zip tied to the tent ceiling was the easiest way to smooth out heat stress without having to dial back my light to the point of useless.


@Graysin word, I’ll try that and crank the light up. Thanks for the advice, you’re the man.


Can you please take a picture if the grow space with lights and plant?

I have run lights in the past at minimum of 14" but only in full veg.

Now I have 400W and I have to be even more careful especially in seedling stage @20"


What size tent or whatever are you growing in? What are you using for exhaust and how is it setup?

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@dbrn32 @VirginiaGrowBoy ill take a pic of the setup when I get home. But it’s a 2x4x5 and I have an exhaust with carbon filter that I run 24/7 at low-medium I cranked it up to 80% and blew fans over the top of the canopy and they seemed to like it but the light got real warm. It was 84 when it’s usually 75-78


@VirginiaGrowBoy what size tent is that?

4 plants in a 3x3x6

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The light was 84f, or something else? 84f isn’t warm for a grow light at all, especially if passively cooled and exposed surface is heatsink. I have light that’s 4 years old and sink temps run about 150f


Welcome to the community , a 150 W light at 25% wattage an height at 16" above canopy should be ok. 84゚ is fine , throw us up a picture an let us see what this plant looks like.
Good luck :v:

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