Grow light height help

Quick questiion i got total of 610 watts in my 4x4 tent. But how close does the light have to be to the seedlings??? Or is it fine at this height?? If the light is too high up will that efffect and make the plant grow slower??


Tbh, i run 420w in a 2x4x60. And those Cheap White Body Blurples arent efficient or great for your plants, probably a true 60w. You cant truly see any of your plant signs under blurple. Id run at least 400w for veg, and at least 600w in Flower to ensire good coverage in a tent that size. If youre able to grab a new light and have a budget, i tested lights for years, still do but not NEARLY as often as i used to, and i can recommend some at a great price if youd like?

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Thanks alot!! And yea if you could that be great :slight_smile:

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My 2 cents. Download photone app it help you dial in your PPFD and your DLI. Also when they are small don’t need a lot, you could probably just run your led light and save your other light for when they get into flower. The manufacturer should have a recommend hanging heigh normally they are pretty close. You can run your light 100 % further away or lower your light and turn the light down


I run a Samsung quantam board and a Mars hydro ts 600 and this is my girls at 3 weeks above ground equally pulling 220w

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Agree with @Kingkupa, follow the manufacturers height and at about 25-30% intensity. Look at the manufacturer’s wattage draw from the wall, that’ll give you an accurate total… you’ve got way more than the 60 watts mentioned :love_you_gesture:

I don’t mean to be rude but I doubt it.

That’s more realistic.

Light height and light intensity are related. The higher up you put the light, the higher up you need to crank the power (but the further the light spreads). I see @NoOptionsGenetics here who may be able to explain PPFD better than I can or why it matters, but the long and short of it is the amount of light each plant receives will dictate how and how much it grows. Too much light will keep them short with tight node spacing. Not enough and they’ll stretch and become unstable.

Here’s a chart for “optimal” light coverage. You’ll want a light meter for making use of the chart. Photone is the app I use.