Grow light brand question

So I just got a mistake in the mail. I received a completely random kind LED k5 series XL750. I don’t know much about these lights and not that I’m complaining, I just was wondering, since I got it for free, if someone is/has used these in their garden? I have a gorilla grow 5ftx5ft grow area with a Spectrum King SK600 on the way. Didn’t know if I should sell this one and reinvest the random blessing. Must have done something nice to deserve this kind of a present!


Keep it, it’s a great light and will work perfect for your grow area

helluva stroke of luck!


Awesome light my friend you can set the duration of brightness in 15 minute intervals from morning sun to afternoon to late evening which the light will get less intense to intense to extreme intense like in a wave length pattern .


Sounds pretty nice for sure @yoshi and I know right @Oak ? I honestly am not sure I need it though. My grow tent and space is for a personal medical grow for myself and my fiancée and since we already have a sk600 from spectrum king led on the way, I don’t think I really need this awesome grow light. Do you guys know of a place like eBay or something that is for growing accessories where I can post this thing? Someone is going to get this light for a real nice price, cause I honestly think I’m going to sell it. Win-win ya know? Is it against the rules to sell stuff here? I don’t want to break any rules

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It would be nice but I’m not sure,great light wish I could buy it

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Haha, no worries, I’m sure it will make someone very happy soon enough.

Very good light and about the same as the sk600 in light but will cover the larger foot print then the sk600 and is easier to hang.
Both very good lights and its would be hard to say which is better

Oh dang, well thank you @Iva for the information. I appreciate it. Makes me feel even better about selling it to someone for a good price. I don’t need a huge footprint, I’ll only be growing about 3 plants at a time as of right now. 2 Sativas and 1 indica or visa versa.

Man why get rid of it , more less keep it for a spare later unless you strap for cash , but I wouldn’t let it go unless it was to who originally purchased it , but I’ll definitely keep that light Sir . I know it’s worth an easy $600-900 but just think of what I can bring in return if used ?

I really appreciate the advice @yoshi. I’m not strapped for cash I just think I could basically help someone else out to get a great light for a great price instead of me keeping it and storing it as a spare. It would get used a lot more and it makes me feel good knowing that someone was able to help themselves or someone else better because they had a higher quality grow light and got it for a great price. Sharing is caring, right?

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Oh yeah I am a strong believer in caring and helping others , it’s just hard sometimes to let go of a great product that will benefit you in time , but like you say , if it will upgrade a friend to getting better quality with your generosity of a better light than you will definitely be bless on that good deed my friend . The light must be smaller than the unit your running right now I’m guessing , are you like the results of the Spectrum King verses the Kind LED ?

Let it go app ?

The spectrum king is definitely bigger. You ought to look up the sk600 and see for yourself. It’s around the same list price and boy is it a boss. Equivalent to dual ended HPS/MH bulbs. Thanks man, I have posted it on let it go, offer up, and eBay now as of this morning. I just like reaching out to the community to make sure I have all my bases covered. Can’t wait for someone to use this light to its fullest potential.

Yeah I’ve seen the Spectrum King was thinking about getting one myself but it was much to bulky for my Lil tent . The sale support said it’s best for 6-8 vertical height and should be strongly mounted .

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Got both man, 8 foot growing height and great mounting ratchet brackets in my gorilla grow tent. The frame of the tent is rated for 300lbs so I’m fine there.

I’ll post a pic of the setup once the light gets here and I get it all in.


Where can I find the light. I want it

Here is the link to the grow light dude:

Look at this on eBay

Message me on there for more info

Also, you can just email me at so we can deal with each other directly and not deal with eBay or anything else as a middle man