Grow light bloom on or off after lights out

I have my photo in flower. Im using 10/14 light schedule. After her 10hrs of light can i just use the bloom switch and let it go all night ? Thx

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Sure if you want it to hermie or reveg , any light even light leak holes in your tent are potentially detrimental to your grow


I’m with @GreenSnek on this one. Total darkness or bust now that you’re in flower. That includes any neon indicators of any colour that may be on any of your equipment. If you have it’s time to get the black tape out :sunglasses:


I agree I remember a member who had a plant hermie due to a neighbors motion light next door. It’s that sensitive.

Agree with everyone,when lights go out you want total darkness.

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The bloom switch just means you turn that on when it starts to flower gives a different color spectrum you can use it all the way through if you want but intended to mimic how the suns rays change at that time of year

One thing I don’t get though is outdoors they’re still getting moonlight and starlight and street lamps depending on where your at so really any light at all and it will hermie. Maybe that’s why back in the day all the outdoors had seeds.

@Tristanj424 Even this year growers in my area have had seeds on the buds. It’s funny because my friend last year bought feminized seeds, still ended up with seeds on the bud. This year same thing, guy at the grow shop say so many people complaining about seeds, and plants going hermie. What he said was there was a breeding farm around the area and the bees would bring pollen from the males and pollinate female plants, not sure if this is true, but very interesting. I’m out in the country so I don’t really have to worry about street lights but the moon light on some nights lights up my whole backyard, strange plants.

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Would it be best to run straight blume while the lights are on ? Or should i turn on veg also ? Thx

Those lights tend to be pretty underpowered unless you have both buttons pressed

My buddy had his plant herm from the lights on his plugs in the tent so I would say the blue light would be a no but I am a super novice.

Moon, and especially star light(except our star), are nowhere near powerful enough to matter…street lights are going to matter for sure though.

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The only fans I leave on or machines in tent at dark is if it has a green light on it or I tape over the light with black tape

Careful with green even…right wavelength will matter.