Grow Journal - Super Silver Haze, Gold Leaf and Purple Haze (Platinum Mix Pack)


She looks phenomenal - well done!


Thanks mate she sure is stretchy :joy::joy::joy:


Week 8 of flower done moving into week 9.

PH - chopped and has had some time to cure great smoke and great high with a nice even come down happy as.

GL - still throwing many white pistols thinking at least another 7 days.

SSH - coming along steadily as it has the whole time thinking at least two more weeks.


SSH (stretchy as I call her).


Gold today



Looking stunning! :+1:t3:


Looks great! Love the way it’s shaping up. Hope I get some trichomes like that on my GL.


Looking good !!!


Looking dank!


Week 9 done moving into week 10.

Gold around 7 more days I think.


Silver (Strechy)has a while to go yet and is fattening nicely which is good considering the stretch I got. A lot of these are around 30cm or more in length.

Pretty happy with the SSH seems to really like the humidity and tropical climate.


They look amazing - my SSH has gotten way out of hand - I keep super cropping but to no avail! will post pics on my thread after I work on them today. Here’s one from earlier this week


Great looking plants. Your SSH is especially awesome.


I have been growing out door’s for some time now. I am growing northern lights (first time) I have read to cut the sugar leaves,and fan leaves.Now another article says to leave the sugar leaves in place,i have flushed every 2 weeks and they are friggin massive.I started in the beginning of april it seems to me to cut the sugar leaves before drying im up in the air about what to do cut or not to trim any thoughts?


Personally, I never trim off healthy leaves, I leave them, I only help pull off dying leaves when I feel the urge. Leaves are photosynthetic engines, your plants need all the healthy ones they can get.


I don’t trimm the leaves either.


sorry neighbor, it seems that I have mis-spoken I was referring to harvest time thanks for responding


Posted my weekend update my friend - wish me luck with my Purple Haze scrog - the SSHs have gone wild :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Momtomask you will be fine for sure


Week 10 done moving into week 11. Gold will come down today or tomorrow, and silver has around 7 days left.

Gold -