Grow Journal - Super Silver Haze, Gold Leaf and Purple Haze (Platinum Mix Pack)


She looks phenomenal - well done!


Thanks mate she sure is stretchy :joy::joy::joy:


Week 8 of flower done moving into week 9.

PH - chopped and has had some time to cure great smoke and great high with a nice even come down happy as.

GL - still throwing many white pistols thinking at least another 7 days.

SSH - coming along steadily as it has the whole time thinking at least two more weeks.


SSH (stretchy as I call her).


Gold today



Looking stunning! :+1:t3:


Looks great! Love the way it’s shaping up. Hope I get some trichomes like that on my GL.


Looking good !!!


Looking dank!


Week 9 done moving into week 10.

Gold around 7 more days I think.


Silver (Strechy)has a while to go yet and is fattening nicely which is good considering the stretch I got. A lot of these are around 30cm or more in length.

Pretty happy with the SSH seems to really like the humidity and tropical climate.