Grow Journal - Super Silver Haze, Gold Leaf and Purple Haze (Platinum Mix Pack)

Grow - Outdoor greenhouse (waterproof) scrog utilising supplemental lighting

Location - Tropics

Environment - Year round the average temperatures range from 24 - 31 deg with 61 % humidity. There are only two seasons encountered; the Wet season which is characterised by periods of heat, humidity and rainfall. The Dry season where rain is not frequent and temperatures drop down to 17-23 deg at night and humidity is reduced.

Plan (at this stage):

Grow the plants out from seed to harvest using progressive transplanting until they finish up in 120 Litre containers. Take best advantage of the natural environment and use supplemental lighting to increase the available light as the dry season draws near. Considering a long veg time and scrog due to potential size of plants and space available.

Planting medium:

Germination / Seedling - Fine Coir

Plant- Mixture of Coir, Perlite (local) and a local soil based amendment called “Mill Mud”


Natural ( 12 hrs a day - Via direct sun and indirect)

Supplemental - 2 x Viparspectra Par 700 utilising for intially 4-6 hrs a day and more as the dry season approaches.


Week One - Day 2

Started the seeds in water until taproots presented, then placed in Coir in a mini greenhouse under a small LED. Have now removed the cover as the ambient humidity is sufficient.

Gold Leaf and Super Silver Haze have popped and no sign of the Purple Haze as yet but I think another day it should pop.


That sounds like a great plan! I look forward to seeing trees haha!

It’s good you’re thinking about humidity now.


Cool - looking forward to watching. I am near the end on a SSH and GL grow myself (indoor, hydro).


Yes I will be keen to see how they go. How has your grow gone.


So far so good:

Been a long journey (I vegged my plants for two months) with lots of learning. :slight_smile:


I plant to veg for a while myself

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So day seven has arrived an the Gold Leaf and Super Silver Haze have spouted and doing nicely. As you can see had the lights a little close on them with some leaf burn evident. Also changed them out of their planting medium as it was a little to water retentive. The dome cover has remained off due to relative humidity being sufficent. Changing their planting medium has slowed them down a little, but they should kick along now in no time. They are short and fat and seem to be doing well.

The Purple Haze however remains a concern with me which is a pity as it is a strain I have wanted for some time. I have now tried three seeds(from a five pack) for 0% success rate. Will try the remaining two today with the hope of getting at least one to work.


Awesome @Mudcrab01
Try installing domes, to keep the humidity up while they’re a seedling.


Local humidity sits at 62% and to place them in dome would increase that, and I think that would be detrimental.

Your comment is timely the rain started today for a few days and the humidity dropped big time so back on went the dome :blush:


Pissed rain blew in and essentially overwatered the seedlings containers, they were near twice as heavy as they should be they were so heavy.

Repotted and weatherproofed :joy::joy:

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A great description of your growing plan @Mudcrab01. I’m following along now. Best of luck :slight_smile:

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How long did your seeds take to show taproot in water @Mudcrab01 ? I’m used to photo plants and they pop out within 24 hrs, but I’ve just started those Autoflowers which took up to 4 or 5 days for some to show.

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How long are you thinking? I figure it’s different up there with the wet/dry season. I have 3 in mid east NSW bush which have been in veg for 5 months and not showing sex yet so awhile to go. Daylight hrs go 12/12 here on March 24th.

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I’m just finishing up on two of these strains if you want to take a look.

I’m in hydro tho so probably not super useful.


The bling of veg for three or four months depends on the space available. Dry season hits along the way so will be easy to take the supplemental light away for flowering.

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Super Silver Haze and Gold Leaf took 24 hrs, Purple Haze was a different story. They didn’t seem to want to germ. Got one out of five seeds pop. All feminised seeds.

Finally have had time to sit down and put this up. Will put some pics up from just before the first LST and afters. Interstingly I was away when it had to be done so had someone do it. Although some lower leaves suffered a bit they bounced back well.

Purple Haze