Grow Journal Speed + Auto

Welcome to my Grow Journal of Speed + Auto

Here I’ll update you on my First Ever attempt at my newfound passion to :evergreen_tree:Grow :evergreen_tree:

I Hope this journal will help someone to grow successfully and provide the necessary information about Speed+ Strain.

I will show my mistakes and ways I’ve corrected them after receiving valuable advice from :heart:ILGM :heart: Forum Members and Staff.

Without further ado let’s get right into this.

:sweat_drops:Day 0 :sweat_drops: Germination Phase.

I’ve Germinated the seeds using Paper Towel and Ziplock Baggy method

24 Hours later I had 100% Successful Germination rate with Tap Roots 3/4 of an inch long showing on both seedlings.

Day 2

I’ve turned on my Exhaust system connected to Carbon Filter, 6 Inch fan, TS-600 Lights hanging at 24 inches above the soil, Heater and Humidifier set up at 70% RH and let it run for 20 Hours prior to placing my pots inside. Goal Temperature to achieve 25-28C or 78-83 F.

I’ve Prepared the Plastic pots and filled them with Coco-Coir/Perlite mixed at 70/30% Ratio and Saturated it with Water Prior to planting my seeds.

Then I’ve planted my seeds about 1 inch deep into the soil tap root down and using tweezers careful not to damage the tap root in the process.

Then I’ve placed my Pots inside the tent Temperature inside Lights on 26C - 79F and RH at 70%.

Fast Forward 1 Day

Day 3 :seedling:Seedling Stage :seedling:

What a pleasant surprise awaited me that morning I’ve noticed my first Cotyledons sticking above the soil.

Day 4
Seedlings began shooting up really fast and are now 1CM tall / Half an Inch.

Day 5
Seedlings are 1 Inch tall and doubled in size since then.

My first Pictures Follow from Day 5

Day 7
You should really use a dome, mist it, and place over them at this stage they are soo young and vulnerable.

I’ve noticed that my growth has slowed dramatically as I wondered what’s wrong with my plants I’ve created my First post on ILGM Forum asking if this is normal.
It turned out it was because the seedlings start developing their roots and when they do that they slow the growth of their foliage.

My Biggest Mistake so far.
I’ve fed the seedlings with General Hydroponics Flora Trio Drain to Waste Schedule.
With around 200 PPM Solution.
They did not took it well and they have developed Nutrient Burn on the edges of the serrated leaves.
Look at Day 12 for Reference.


Now that I was aware of my mistake Thanks to :heart:ILGM Forum :heart: Members and staff who raced to help with the advice I have managed to recover and save both of my seedlings.
The advice was to stop nutes immediately until at least day 12 and I have received it at day 9,
also I was suggested to switch to 18/6 lighting from 24/h and to stop watering too much as they don’t need that much water at this stage and it’s easy to drown them. I was also told to put the domes back on until they get big enough to outgrow the dome.

Day15 :evergreen_tree:Vegetative Stage :evergreen_tree:
Plants outgrew the Dome.
I’ve started nutes again Vegetative Strength at 400 PPM and Fed on Day on nutes Day Off nutes With Just Water and Cal-Mag Plus.

Sure enough, after using all available advice I was given the plants began exponential growth
I was very grateful for the help received as it had literally made them grow again.
Ps. Lesson Learnt for sure.

Day 22

Yes This is the same plants :evergreen_tree: :ok_hand:

Journal will be updated from now on every 4 Days. So that you can see the process.
I will begin Low-Stress Training on these Girls Today so Journal update will follow suit.

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Like the Journal entry so far. Very clean.

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Some useful information to hang onto

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Day 25

Natural Light Pictures and Progress

Was worried there might be Nitrogen Deficiency after looking at those charts but I guess They look healthy.
Plain Phd Water Runoff on tall plant is 594 PPM and 1188 EC
Plain Phd Water Runoff on small plant is 563 PPM and 1126 EC

@Konflict thanks for sharing those charts. I used them other day you posted them somewhere before. They are great !!

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They have helped me a ton in self identification of my problems. The newest growth will always be lighter than the older growth but I too thought you have a nitrogen problem. Let me find you the FF feed schedule bc 500ppm seems a little on the light end

Ok someone else posted this and I agree with it bc I have never went full dosage.

I Grow In Coco-Coir/Perlite and use General Hydroponics Flora Trio supplemented with Cal-Mag Plus.
Heard some YouTubers advertising Lucas Formula which I will try on my Next Grow.

Here’s the Chart I use.


Day 27

Low Stressed Trained my Ladies.

Nutrient Feed at 658 PPM and 1316 EC with 563 PPM Runoff plant A 605 PPM plant B

Have I gone too hard on my ladies with pulling ? Or Should I pull even more?
My first LST I was terrified not to snap the main stem in the process.
Pictures Follow

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4 Weeks old

Day 28

Please tell me what do you think about those 2 plants?

How many weeks till Flower? As I can see these girls are both sexually mature.

What do you think about the progress? Should they be a bit bigger at week 4?

How about my LST is there anything to improve there for new bud sites ?

They look good. It only to far if it snaps then if that happens tape it back together. Always have tape around. I use electrical tape for breaks if I bend to far.

Huge THANKS for Support so far, This grow would not be as good and successful if not for your time and dedication to Help a fellow grower.
:heart: :heart: :heart:ILGM COMMUNITY :heart: :heart: :heart:
HUGE Thanks goes to @Myfriendis410, @imSICKkid, @beardless, @Konflict, @BetrayedSoul, @James68,@RandomlyRan, @Zee, @Member420, @Pepeall20,
Here’s the Update to my Journal Please Tag along for the Journey to :checkered_flag:Harvest :checkered_flag:
Day 39 Week 6


Girls are really taking off, great job! Keep at it! Definitely following along. Great to see you making the right adjustments and getting dividends for it!

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Super clean man. I like it.

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Healthy looking plants. Nice green color. And don’t mention it. Just trying to pay it forward. Alot of great people in here that helped me out

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Keen to watch also. Good luck looks good so far :+1:

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