Grow Journal She Popped [DAY 1]


Here We Go Guys !!!

Blue Dream Auto :slight_smile:


D.I.Y A Full Light box Aka LiteABox© Don’t know if it matter but I know won’t hurt :joy:


Congrats! If that shell hasn’t dropped off yet, you may want to carefully try to remove it with a pair of tweezers.


I was looking around to do that but I only seen one root coming out the peat but I thought no just the shoot apex root


And it seems be on there pretty solid still don’t want stress it I got this product from a good buddy last plant was a monster good genetics so I’m let nature do it’s thang she will shed it soon enough and if it’s really needing help I will thanks :grinning: @SilentHippie


Dab a drop of spit on it.


What you talking about friend ??? Are you serious lol


100% just use a Q-tip and maybe keep it wet of an hour or two it should fall right off then


Spit eh WOW I’m just leaving my sister had big sesh do it when I’m home


@boardsbird well I took your advice my friend let’s see if it works this germ is pretty interesting instead seeing just the feeder leaves when it first pops I see coming out the first set of nodes bunched in too which is pretty awesome :sunglasses:





Here we GO ! Take Off ! :smile: @boardsbird


Looking good @Sativa4Me
Do you have a small fan moving air in the grow box ?


I thought about that and decided that since I got good air and hvac so I removed the box and put it in the room with awesome air flow i wonder how far I can go with my floro tho waiting on light still :disappointed:


What y’all think this soil I found and I’m trying it off super cheap at my local garden store


And this Fer think work I dident think it would so I left it on shelf I know my seedling eating good with what’s I have but would this work for a feeding I probably wouldn’t use it just curious ?? @boardsbird @PurpNGold74


Sorry took so long. Kinda. But that looks like the type of deal you use when amending your soil before use. It maybe good to aerate and make a tea.

Even more importantly that is higher in P then N in the NPK count. Veggin plants are usually NITROGEN hogs.


What about soil in picture above then amend the soil with that and should be fine for the mean time till I get some more of Nutes IUsally use GH Line


The soil looks like seedling starter honestly. Also ive never had sand in my soil at all. But it looks like that will drain AMAZINGLY. What type of pots are you using again?

And does it have ANY nutes like the graphic u posted after?