Grow Journal & Self Improvement Notes


-the most significant flowers (buds) will grow when sun exposure and airflow are optimal

  • (some) fans pointing up into canopy other osscelating fans positioned around the tent (this will also help with preventing mildew.

  • keep lights a safe distance above the plant to prevent burning

-all the plant’s energy and biological intensity are telling it to reach a certain size, SO growers can prune their plants for maximum yield during this vegetative period (DO NOT OVERPRUNE! It can stunt the growth of the plant for the next month!!! :skull::skull:)

@Spiney_norman Thank you!!

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I’m a lost cause in the self-improvement department.

   Jacks 3-2-1
   5 gal batch
  pH: 5.6-5.9

Silica:. 6 ml
Part A: 18 g
Epsom Salt: 6 g
Part B: 12 g

Silica:. 6 ml
Part A: 18 g
Epsom Salt: 7 g
Part B: 14.4 g

@beardless I feel that myself, but you can’t learn if you never fail! :blush:

    SOG (Sea of Green: Green Crack progress...)


If you have happened upon my self-improvement notes and would like a more in detail on this grow:


I will be using these notes to help me implament care (and remember) while being short, sweet, and to the point while still having a way to look at a more detailed explanation later. I hope I learn a lot! Thank you!:crossed_fingers:

I’m well educated in that dept.

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       Previous Growth Taste Test Notes
       Strain: Girl Scout Cookies X-Treme

rH:. 45%
(My) Discription:
-Dark green with dark orange hairs, dry and dense to the touch, but fluffy on the inside (like a cookie :cookie:)
-tricombs are mostly cloudy with some amber present

       Previous Growth Taste Test Notes
             Strain: Grand Daddy Purp

rH:. 50%
(My) Discription:
- Dark green & purple with orange hairs, dry and dense to the touch, soft and moist :cake: on the inside
- Tricombs cloudy -amber
- Grape Kool-aid smell; skunky
- Grape flavor and after taste🍇
- Slow burn
- Smooth hit, light coughing
- Calm high, cotton mouth

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         Previous Growth Taste Test Notes
                      Strain: Green Crack

rH:. 51%
(My) Discription:
-Green with orange hairs, dry and dense to
the touch, but fluffy on the inside (like a
cookie :cookie: )
- amber to cloudy tricombs
- deisal smell ; dank
- slow burn, nose burner :fire:
- tasted the way fresh rain showers smell
- Calm, energetic, creative
- smooth hits, minimal to no coughing!

NTS 2:
-Sometimes new growth can appear lighter green or have some variegated (white or light yellow) looks

Variegation is the name given to the phenomena where a certain part of the plant differs in color from the rest of the plant. This includes having two different colors on the same leaf. Since the affected part is paler, it stands out or draws attention. Variegation in cannabis plants (or plants in general) simply means that certain parts of the plant such as leaves and stems vary in color from what is considered normal. For instance, if a plant has green leaves all over except for one part of the plant that grows white leaves, then it can be considered variegation. Genetics can be a cause of variegation, but it is certainly not the only cause. In cannabis plants, variegation manifests itself as two-toned leaves and also albinism. Variegation cannot be treated or prevented since genetic mutation can be the cause. Variegation can also affect cannabis plants in various forms including two-toned leaves and albinism

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I used 20x zoom on my phone today and found out there are Tricombs on the little hairs! So cute!!

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