Grow journal ph questions

I was just reading up on what to ph at for this “soiless mix” I have, that seems to be just like soil, now I have used mother earth 70/30 coco perlite mix which I NOW understand is a straight coco perlite mix, when I bought the SUNSHINE mix #4 I and the roots organic hydroponic soiless mix, I was under the impression that it would be just like the ME and was still really new at everything, so anyways I went through the ME thinking I had 2 bags if basically the same stuff, to get to my next grow (this one) and buy autopots which COCO is recommended for maximum benefits, just to find out AFTER I planted 2 clones I spent $70 on in them with the “soiless mix” and now am not sure the autopots are working correctly I’m not sure I pH’d it right as I’m not sure if I should ph for coco or soil, and yes there’s new growth but it’s been really slow plus I have these very slight burnt tips, and it’s not the light, cuz it’s about 16-18 inches away, I need some help here, cuz I do not want to lose the $70 spent and I really want them to grow into monsters like I see on here I’m using canna substra vega A and B cannazym, rapid start and a little superthrive ph’d to recommendation of 5.5-6.2 and temp/hum is 77, RH 55

What light are you using?

Bloomspect 600 watt,. obviously not really 600watts but I’m waiting for my HLG to get here, will be here tomorrow!!

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That one will be the 153w 65 BSPEC kit


Keep us posted about the improvement :wink:

Soilless isn’t quite hydro and isn’t quite soil. You’ll want to split the difference in ph. You’ll want the higher end of hydro and lower end of soil. So 6.2 is probably going to be your sweet spot.

So i got the vivosun 3 in 1 ph meter. Instructions on how to use, set up, and store are not even supplied with it. Never had a ph meter before. Could someone that may have this one, please give me a quick rundown on it ? Do you have to calibrate with the 3 packs of ph stuff before even using ? Im trying to get a handle on my water sources before i start my grow. If a pic of it is needed, Ill post one. So frustrated !