Grow Journal of highcountrygal week 2


Figured out a solution for the shelves in the greenhouse and had to move it as I am starting to set up my grow area and it was smack dab in the way. All have survived transplanting, however remain leggy. Perfect little space for winter grow, outside in the day then back in house. I am working on genetics that some one requested so back to the drawing board for now! :woman_farmer:t4:


Nice little setup @highcountrygal :+1:


Yeah I’m looking into a grow tent for my next outdoor grow. I had 9 plants outdoor last year. Grew 7 foot tall. This year I’m going grow them out instead of straight up lol


I have that exact same greenhouse but, it got mangled during the hurricanes of Labor day


Do you have high humidity at times?


The humidity here in Mississippi is high during summer months but I had no problems with mold. Saw a little sign of mold but cut it off and used some home remedy for stopping mold and all was good!


The thing is that low RH at the right time can bump up resin production. Just FYI.


@Myfriendis410 We are mostly dry here although it can get humid esp. in july, aug, sept , We get Santa Ana winds that suck any moisture out of the air, the winds blow from the east, sometimes there isn’t any winds, it feels like you could snap your finger and it would light. :woman_farmer:t4:


I think for mj I’d prefer too dry to too moist! Our temps and humidity are moderated by the Pacific Ocean so usually pretty mild.


@highcountrygal, Damn Countrygal. It would really be bad if you passed gas: face_with_hand_over_mouth:


It’s very irritating during Santa Anas to get static shocked at every possible occurrence. Get out of a car, ZAP Touch a door knob ZAP It really gets old. We only get any real humidity here in San Diego when a hurricane comes up from Mexico. We don’t get any wind but we do get a few days of humidity.

Santa Ana here today. It was 95 F! That’s 35 C for those of you in sensible parts of the world. We’re all doomed come August. Very few people here have air conditioning. If I was still working, I think I could do very well with a window air conditioner installation service. Buy up a few hundred of them in winter and then go out for installations in summer when they are all sold out.


A little suggestion for you: Grow your sprouts up to seedling size in 16 ounce transparent solo cups with 16 ounce red or blue solo cups around them for light blocking. You don’t have to water them as much as big pots and if you are adjusting the pH (as you should be doing), then that’s less water to fiddle with. (Although my first grow used San Diego tap water without pHing and it worked okay.) You can check for roots just by slipping the colored sleeve off. When you see some roots it’s time to transplant. Don’t forget to make some holes all the way through both cup bottoms as drains.

The other thing is that full sun may be a bit much for those little sprouts. Put them in shade.


@1BigFella I didn’t start them in these pots, they’ve been transplanted from a 4" nursery pot actually the day before the pic was taken. I know every one is into pH etc but I am a ‘natural’ kinda a grower (my own breed) and rely on as few ‘additives’ lol as I can. I harvested a pound plus from 6 girls, I use gypsum for calcium and sulfur and as a surfactant allows water to penetrate, therefore increases uptake of what I do use, Super Thrive, Fish yuk, occassionally a pinch of blood meal, rose food and acidic plant food. They are watered 3 x’s a day when it’s hottest and basically 2 x day the rest of the time. I know I sound crazy but it worked for me, however I am always open to others thoughts and lessons learned. Check these out :woman_farmer:t4::peace_symbol:


Worm castings! If you can source them, this is THE best additive you can use.

Do you intend to do any training? Yields would go up dramatically if you are. Pretty plants! I am getting close to 2 lbs with 3 smaller plants every 4 months. Your trees would do a pound plus easy with some supercropping and the plants love it!

You can adjust the ph with all natural ingredients - - lemon juice and baking soda are both natural. And it CAN make a difference, but soil buffers ph differently.


@Myfriendis410 I used Fox Farms Ocean soil mixed with a few other soils. I forgot to say I do not pinch either, I am more for quality than quantity because it’s only me, never had to stake or support any of my girls, they held their own. I got one 23 " cola and several 15" colas with a total harvest of a pound plus. I harvested in Sept. and just now am making a dent in my stash. I so can’t wait till spring. I’m getting ready now. :woman_farmer:t4:


We can only grow six plants, but nothing says they can’t be trees!

When you use the solo cup trick, you can see the root development without pulling them out of their nursery pots. I’ve done the same thing with a bigger pint deli container too.


@1BigFella Maybe I’ll try that when I start my summer seeds, which is coming up quicker than we think. We really haven’t had a winter here yet. Supposed to be hot.


The weather forecast has us dry for at least the next 10 days,


@highcountrygal, what was the age of these giant buds?? Damn nice


@ReMoLu Thank you! I would say 6 months, just about ready for harvest! :peace_symbol: :woman_farmer:t4: