Grow Journal number 2. Candy kush clones


I’ll give that a try and see what happens thank you everybody for all your input


Gman for the mothaloving win again. The Weedcloypedia Strikes Back


Update for the candy kush
Both are about 2 weeks till finish. Even though the plant is not covered with buds what is there is looking pretty good.


Mid week 7, started to remove bottom leaves. by looking at the leave color I don’t think they are hungry for nutrients.


Almost there, maybe another week.


I see clouds a forming! Still loads of clear. Maybe 2 more weeks?


At least 10 days. Not an amber on the plant.


9 1/2 weeks and still no Amber. Reduced daylight to 11 hrs. Come on baby.


Time to close this grow Journal number 2 with Candyland. It’s not candy kush like I thought. Most definitely don’t want to smoke this any later than noon. Very very uppity.


Nice solid sexy buds. Very frosty. N dense looking. Did u take a wet weight?


No as I’m not expecting to get very much as I striped all the dieing buds and left only the the best looking ones.


They still look great. Bet u cant wait to jar em up


This stuff is Beyond sticky, this is my version of green meth much better than green crack.