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I only run soil. My flower room has never been so messy. Can’t water near the edges or it all just pours out from everywhere.


Got ya I use coco I havnt had those issues I also have some cut down plastic totes they sit in and then I use a little shop vac to clean them out


Hope all is well @Kinglouida13th

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@Covertgrower @BobbyDigital @Nicky @MattyBear @Mr_Wormwood @DebbieM @Jaydawg6528 Well I’m alive, and have my plants growing with a place to live, but as if things couldn’t get any worse, I smashed my car the day before yesterday on my way home from work, totaled it, so now I’m without wheels, thankfully it was the day before my 2 days off, so have a couple days to work on getting something else, I’m prolly gonna go finance a new car today or tomorrow, I already have a couple in mind, and in the works, so just gotta get to the dealership, which I’ll most likely do today, so I can spend tomorrow at the DMV getting it legal, oh and I said F-it and put my cloudlab up, cuz that closet wasn’t very easy to control environment, and now I have things dialed in pretty well with the tent up, so yes AND no things are well, but there’s things that aren’t, about 50/50!!


And I can’t believe the fim on the slurricaine is actually growing out, I thought I topped her!! :rofl::joy:


Glad you’re okay! Sounds like a pretty serious accident. Best of luck on a new vehicle. It’s a tough market out there right now. I looked for a long time before I finally found one.


Pro tip


Incase you have never done it, don’t ever do it.
The only time you ever want to buy new is if your vehicle is making you money and you buy it through a business or lease it.

Get a personal loan and buy a used car, vehicles are the most expensive and worst money pits.

I bought one new in 2010 and I’ll never do it again, I can see why my dad who is wealthy never bought new.

Not only that in 5-10 years so many electric vehicles will be changing the landscape.

Get something older, used, cheap, easy to fix and cheap to fix. Point A to point B.

Unless you have a big life insurance plan and are using that to finance your own loan which in turn pays yourself back the interest but then that goes to your family when you die it doesn’t improve your situation.

Worst case go to a used car lot and they will finance you something but they arnt going to sell you anything cheap.

My. Girlfriend got a used Ford escape for 7k
My brother bought a nisan extera years ago at action for 3.5k needed the hood painted and new tires that’s it.

Plus if you just wrecked yours the insurance on newer vehicles is high… Don’t cripple yourself with a big insurance and car payment or one for the next 10+ years

I will definitely agree that a used vehicle is the best value. I did buy a new car once, I drove it until someone else totaled it. 237k miles was all me. I paid more for insurance up front, had a higher payment, but it didn’t make up for no maintenance costs.
Used vehicle now, is 80% cheaper than that vehicle, including inflation.
I don’t think electric vehicle will be a thing. Maybe for some, but for people that drive long distances, I can’t refill a battery charge in 3 minutes at the pump. Not even mentioning electric grid support. The rate we are headed now, we will be facing rolling black outs everywhere. Coal powered electric vehicle make a lot of sense… :joy: zero emissions “directly” from the vehicle, but that power didn’t come from the sky.

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New “ish” is my favorite. Before prices skyrocketed we got my wife a 1 year “leftover” A3 at a smoking discount with zero interest. Even before the boom, we could have sold it and made money.

My daily driver (Macan) was 1 year old, new condition, used as a dealer loaner with 8k miles. Again, completely smoking deal compared to new.

The other benefit is plenty of warranty left (one basically still new car warranty, and the other was CPO so had balance of new + additional 2 years as CPO.

I don’t always buy that new, but when I do I look for those deals.


To avoid a deep debate about electric…

Used vehicles are cheaper when you maintain them then new vehicles with or without extreneded warranty.

Alot of people here know alot about vehicles and finances so use your thread for some advice is what I’m trying to say here I know @Covertgrower myself and @DefNSmokn have mechanical knowledge. I’m sure we have all had enough vehicles and keep up with the information enough to provide some thumbs up or tumbs down opinions.

If you don’t need to haul around a family or a work truck then buy something small, cheap on fuel, thar a mechanic can repair at a decent price and time (due to parts)
Toyotas and Lexus are great but often are very expensive even used.
Domestics are cheap to fix and easy to get parts but its best to go with a trusted model that has proven the test of time and we know what it’s issues are.

So not buy KIA or hundia or whatever it’s called they are junk junk junk

Dealer shuttles or demo cars can be a deal if your in the market and your finances line up with new sure but the overwhelming majority of the time new or semi new is not worth the cost.

Remeber if miantance scedule isn’t kept to a T on newer vehicles it drops their values and voids warrantys.
Older vehicles you can toss oil and gas in em and wait till stuff is dead or almost dead.
And it doesn’t sound like @Kinglouida13th is rolling in the dough or he would have a mortgage or own his own house.


No doubt, best advice to @Kinglouida13th is to find a good, reliable, easy to maintain vehicle. 1000000% And if not mechanically inclined, find a friend who is to bring along!! Get the most reliable vehicle you can in the price range.

New vs older in general is VERY dependent on the person. I am and have always been a “car guy” and am lucky to be in a place where I can set my goals on vehicles that move my soul. If it were just transportation to me I’d have a completely different fleet. I also still perform 99% of my own maintenance, thankfully in the US we don’t need to use a dealer for those (to keep from voiding warranty), just keep records. :slight_smile:


Having a garage or knowing a trust worthy mechanic to keep your records is huge I agree.

Definitely get an inspection on whatever you expect to spend some money on. It will cost you a couple hundred bucks but could save you huge.
Finding a major seal leak or a low compression test, scanning for codes and if they have a fancy computer they can make the vehicle run a self test.
Just seeing the fluid in a vehicle is a good indicator.
Pull the dipstick, is it black or brown? Walk away. Not maintained. Even if it’s golden brown it doesn’t tell you for sure they didn’t just change it prior to selling it. Get an inspection.

@CygnusX1 do love my nice ride that’s for sure glad I bought a quality new vehicle that holds value and will last the test of time. I didn’t buy a junker. My Subaru wrx has been a great car just with a sticker price of 42k it was a huge pill to swallow I wish I would have not done and invested those car payments instead.


Congratulations on whatever you choose to get and so glad you’re ok. Wrecks suck

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I noticed you didn’t mention anything about being hurt. That’s one good thing. The car can be replaced. You can’t.


Oil turns colors even after changing it. This is due to a certain amount of blow by past the rings, and puts a certain amount of soot in the oil. Diesel in particular, can have an oil change, and dirty again after a few days of operating, because it has higher compression than a gasser.
I STILL suggest to getting the vehicle inspected, or bringing someone that has an understanding of vehicles.


@Nicky @Covertgrower @CygnusX1 @Mr_Wormwood @DebbieM @MattyBear @BobbyDigital, yes I am fine Deb, and the only reason my car got totaled was because she was in a Jeep liberty with a nice size steel 5th wheel bracket, and a steel rim on the actual 5th wheel too, I slammed in to all that steel doin about 30, air bag blew up and my whole front end was smashed in, now mind you I was in a big ass 2003 Mercury grand marquis, which the front end of that was mostly steel, so I fully believe that had she not had all that steel on the back of her car, and it was just the normal rear end of an older model Jeep liberty, that it would be reversed and she be totaled and I would have driven away, my car was a tough car and I always said if I ever hit someone in that thing I felt sorry for there car if it wasn’t steel, and now I’m eating those words, and ALSO there is no debate over what I’m getting car wise, I haven’t much of a choice but to get used, and even if I could afford a brand new, newer model car, I’d still go older, because when push comes to shove the older cars without all the computers, are much easier to work on, and what you don’t know can for the most part be easily learned as with these computer cars, you gotta be constantly keeping up with updates on the newest software versions and all that technical talk, have scanners, learn how to and read codes, and it’s a bit of a task, when it’s much easier to just wrench away!!


Well, I’m still glad you are ok. And you are right about older cars. They don’t have sensors. Those are so expensive and there are so many of them.

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@Covertgrower ohhh come on I wasn’t talking diesel buddy lol… Diesel fresh oil. Change turn it over let IR run for a min turn it off boom black oil.

Gas though, can tell you a bit.

Another good thing @Kinglouida13th is to put your hand over the exhaust as it idles, is it smooth?

But yes inspection!

Glad your okay


@Covertgrower @BobbyDigital @MattyBear @Nicky hey y’all I need to know what if anything I should trim off this girl right now, or should I just leave her alone, the big fan leaf is

blocking light from the smaller, shoots and branches, so should I tuck, trim, or nothing?

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I think tucking at this point would be best.