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This is all it says besides the caution warning :warning:

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@Covertgrower I’m looking for somewhere near me, where I can get 30-40% peroxide and I’ll give it a try!!

See if you can’t find the most recent bud shot, and one from 2 weeks ago. I am certain there’s progress.


@Covertgrower the problem is my phone with pictures on it, isn’t here, but I went and picked this stuff up, so when making a new bucket, how much should I add, it’s strong shit, and yes I think it’s stronger than clear Rez, but they have different stuff in em, so yeah how much?

Got my jacks 3-2-1 today!! Can’t wait to see what it’s capable of, now is this ok for any medium? Or is it better for hydroponics? I run both so it doesn’t matter, just want to get the most out of it, so asking what ppl have the best results with?

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I forgot about that incident man. Sorry about that. Must have went to the same place, I have the same brand.
How many gallons does your system full?

I would probably go about 1/2 cup for 2 gallons. Add only the peroxide, and water, nothing else. Don’t forget some gloves. Safety third and all that.

For the Jacks, it does work in any medium, and non-medium.
Here’s the base recipe:
I use the 3-2-1 formula
So part A is the Jack’s Hydroponics(5-12-26)
Part B is the Calcium Nitrate bag(15-0-0)
And any bag of Epsom salt works for the third part.

Per gal mixture is
3.6g of Part A
2.4g of Part B
1.5g of Epsom salt

You have to mix them in order of operations so you take your bucket of water and put in the part A and the Epsom salt then stir til completely dissolved. Once that’s completely dissolved you add in the Part B, stir til dissolved…then ph to 6.0 in hydro or 6.5 in soil.

Same thing every time from seed to harvest. No water breaks, no flushing, just feed to runoff and your golden.


It’s not a system, it’s a single DWC bubble bucket, and with her roots now cut up to the net, the bucket will prolly have roughly 3 and a half gallons, and so when I do this, you said “just water and peroxide” so DON’T pH, and how long do I leave her in there, AND do I add airstones?

@Covertgrower bro! I put 4 gallons in it, since we want her whole root ball soaked correct? I just need to know about pH, my guess is no about that and the airstones, but I need to know how long to put her in there?

@Covertgrower damn bro I gotta thank you huge, because of you, I got those roots back to nearly white, and in a few days time I’m sure they’ll be all the way back, that peroxide got that slime and debris off, so fast and easy, I set her in the mix, immediately started bubbling and giving off a vapor, and left her in there about 5 minutes, came back and the roots were clear of EVERYTHING, so I rinsed her off in another bucket full of water swished her around in there for about 5 minutes then let her sit while I made her a new bucket of food, and now she’s clear of debris, clear of slime, clear of brown nastiness, and happy to be back in her new :house:, so thanks again bro @Covertgrower you’ve gotten me through a lot, and out of a lot, and I’ll forever preciate ya!! :joy::joy: I’m done messing with her today, I’ll send an updated picture of her roots tomorrow, she’s had enough stress for the day

She couldn’t take it anymore and hung herself!!:rofl::joy: No obviously that’s the way I’m keeping her upright, not sure if it’s a good way, but it’s working!!


@Covertgrower @Bobbydigital @CMichGrower @Nicky @peachfuzz @Hellraiser @yoshi @DebbieM @Jaydawg6528 ok with Monday being the start of my 8th week into flower, I WILL be flushing my plants that are ready to be harvested, I’m only gonna harvest the (alien runtz) and (Alaskan thunderfuck) cuz those 2 are gonna be done, the (sour diesel) has to get better and do some catching up I think, and the (GG#4) and (deathstomper) are still a few weeks out, anyways I’ll be using (Botanicare Clearex) for the flush and I’ll be starting it Monday as that’s the exact day of the start of the 8 week, I’ve checked trichs, lots of milky turning amber, over half the pistils are orange on the deathstomper, but it’s funny cuz those trichs on the alien runtz are getting ready but the pistils don’t seem to want to turn orange, not sure what’s up with that, maybe someone can elaborate on that, but the trichs is why I’m harvesting I’ve done research and found what I like, and there about there, according to my last 2 grows, so it’s time for my final flush, anything from anyone is much appreciated

That’s Alaskan thunderfuck, YES she still has some white pistils but they still have a week to go, and over half are orange!!

It’s this one’s pistils that I’m talking about, still lots of white, but her trichs are right where I want em

Now I was wondering, someone told me I my last grow not knowing they were autos, to leave my plants in 48 hours dark the last 2 days leading up to the chop, something about trichome production and fattening up the buds, what exactly do I do for that technique?


Some people do this, it makes no difference in my opinion.
Glad I could help you out though. It was a busy day with kids today.


I had to go ALL THE WAY BACK through this thread to see exactly what day I switched to flower and even that was a bit***, cuz I was back and forth for a day or two on it before ACTUALLY doing it!! Good grief 🤦:rofl::joy:

Bro I’m not sure you TRULY understand how much you’ve helped me in the last few months, in all honesty I woulda paid for the knowledge I got from this forum, I was telling someone the other day on here, like this is truly priceless, the infinite knowledge and experience on this forum, when it comes to growing weed is phenomenal and there’s nothing like a ton of ppl willing to share that knowledge and experience with ppl who share the same passion, so yes it’s awesome you spent the day with your kids, cuz no offense it’s something that needs to happen MORE worldwide, but that’s a while nother subject, anyways yeah I ain’t got em hang with or I would, and now it’s too late, but yeah bro your an awesome dude, and the fact that your reasoning for the delayed responses was YOUR KIDS, that so much more respect, much love brotha!!!


Thanks man, always happy to help.


@Covertgrower What about those pistils still being pretty white, when I’m in the 8th week, and trichs starting to change? The trichs are really cloudy and some are turning color, I don’t have the microscope for atm

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Just wait it out on the white pistils to turn brown. You’ll be happier with the results.


@Covertgrower I mean you know better than I do, but you don’t think they’ll change in the next week during getting flushed, I know you don’t flush right? But from my experience with my last 2 crops the first I didn’t flush and was not happy with the end result, the second I did flush and was much happier with the smootness, so indecisive I will flush from now on, now the bottle says to flush the last week before harvest, this would technically be the last week on a 8bweek strain, so if I was to say nah I want to let em for another 2 weeks, does it continue to get better? Does it reach a peak? I know you can harvest late and let your buds over ripen, so I’m just following the 8 week cycle, PLUS I’m out of weed, like OUT OUT, been smoking tons of concentrates and that’s heavy on my lungs, so I knew you’d say wait, and trust me I want to let them go, but I’m already pushing it with my landlord, I’m out of weed, and need to start getting my grow room packed. Up and put away, PLUS I’m still giving them another week to 10 days, which shou6be plenty of time for those pistils to turn, now I’m not sure if because I am I heavy feeder should I flush for the whole week, more than a week, less than a week, I know it will be tough for you to answer cuz you don’t flush, but if maybe you could tag someone who could give me a little insight on this it’s be awesome

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@Bobbydigital @Covertgrower @Nicky @DebbieM @Jaydawg6528 So took this little girl out to feed her, and set her in the tray to feed, I fed her and set her to the side, went in to feed the other, and while I squated down to feed the other, my butt accidentally went down on to her main cola and snapped the branch, it didn’t snap off there was still some skin holding it together, so I taped it and cliped it as best as I can, but I’m wondering if it’d be best to just cut that little peice off and keep it moving, she’s been sick and trying to recover from a REALLY BAD cal mag def, but she’s coming back, and now this 🤦🤷:worried::grimacing::exploding_head:

Always the stupid little shit that gets me, like my clumsiness, or something falling or ALWAYS something so stupid that will mess me up, and then I squat down on my plant? Wtf? I have got to tighten up here y’all!!! :triumph::triumph: Or the losses are gonna become detrimental!!!

Best to throw some honey or aloe on the wound. Will help it recover quicker