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20% run off every feed is recommended in coco.


Sounds like salt build up.

Should I Flush?

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I would wait until next watering and get a good bit of run off to test. If the ppms are not coming down then the plant has locked them out and I would flush then.


@Bobbydigital @Covertgrower I’m worried some of these swollen calyxes have seeds in em, can’t get pics tonight but just to be clear, as long as a pistil popped out no matter how big it got, there won’t be a seed correct? Or is it possible that there’s a hair popped out and there’s still a seed growing in there?, I don’t know what’s normal, but seeing the different sizes on different buds and how some are REALLY BIG and swollen, so I don’t know, wish I could take pictures it it’s like a minute to lights out

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The few seeds I’ve pulled out of plants the calyx the seed was in no longer had its pistils. Eventually when the seed gets big enough the calyx splits open and you can see the top of the seed.

And supposedly a swollen calyx is at its peak resin production.

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@Bobbydigital @Covertgrower

Here’s one example of what I got, they are NOT ALL that big,it’s just scattered here and there, on 3 of 5 plants


Up top like that it may be building a seed.

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@Bobbydigital yeah I was afraid that was the case!!

Can always open it?

Yeah but I was worried,if it is pollenated,since I’m not familiar with how it all works,if I was to open it, I figured I be risking blowing pollen everywhere, but thinking about it, if there’s a hair coming out, it can no longer pollenate correct? I been wanting to all day cut one of those super large ones open, it been scared,and also covert about that deficiency I have, I was wondering after reading that you can get away with it at this stage if ventilation is really good, but would a cal mag foliare mix help that any more than just feeding it?

@Bobbydigital donirun the risk of squeezing or cutting one if those calyxes open to see if there’s a seed in it, and pollenating my room by doing so? Or will I be ok, I’ve read thats one if the ways of seeing

Any foliar is bad unless you’re spraying for pests. Fastest way to burn leaves.
Yes you can check the inside no problem.


There won’t be any pollen in there. There’ll either be a seed or there won’t.

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@Bobbydigital @Covertgrower I did one calyx on 2 different plants and one was nothing inside at all, and the sour diesel there was ANOTHER pistil in there that in NOW sticking out with the other one.

That’s good. Just typical swollen calyx

@Bobbydigital there’s more in the alien runtz I’m still worried about that are just as big if not bigger, that may still grow some seeds, I’m telling you from what I’ve seen and the questions I’ve asked, those are pretty swollen calyxes, even some of the pictures I’ve seen haven’t shown anything as big as some these ones, at this point I’m really not that concerned about it, for 1 I can’t don anything if they are seeds, and 2 if they are, I’m sure it won’t be many, so it’s whatever, I’m prepared either way!!

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This exactly

@Bobbydigital @Covertgrower I just flushed this girl with 1 gallon of water in 2 half gallon sessions 10 minutes apart, the first runoff was in the 5k the second in 7k, not sure wtf is going in here, and she definitely is recovering from her cal mag deficiency, but those ppm readings are insane and I’m not sure if I’m somehow messing up here, outside of her recovery from the deficiency and NOW her being over watered due to the flush, she doesn’t look horrible, thoughts please??

She don’t look too bad. 1 gallon isn’t much of a flush though. That’s a normal watering for me.