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Yeah, most can’t agree, but your plants will let you know when they’re finished. I always go based off when I flip to 12/12, but I don’t get the luxury this run because I’m doing 12/12 from seed to harvest, so it’s all gonna be based off what the plants are telling me come late flower


Doesn’t really matter that much. I start at day of flip but still let the plants tell me when ready. It’s just a nice marker / guide for the next grow of the strain IMO.

I start counting from day of light flip…
It’s just easier for me to determine my feeding schedule…
I like to adjust my feeding schedule based on their three week transition period…
I only feed my plant’s 3 to 6 times throughout the flowering cycle…
Just depends on strain…
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I count it as the first day from when I turn the lights back on, I don’t know if it’s the right way, it’s what I read from my first grow

@BobbyDigital @Covertgrower @Nicky @peachfuzz @MattyBear @Mr_Wormwood @CygnusX1 hey are these clawing leaves anything to be of any concern, if so how do I fix it?


The leaves are pretty damn dark, indicating that I gave it nitrogen burn!! :grimacing::grimacing::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


As much as I’d like to help, I think I’ll grab an ore and start rowing

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The bottom picture is NOT part of the problem it’s accidental!!

I’m thinking I should probably flush it, but I’m scared too, cuz I literally just fed her!! :grimacing::grimacing: I need some help here y’all!!!

Uh, I’d not panic

I don’t know what it is but it’s not too pronounced on your plant

I would let it ride, it’s not real bad, and if you’re using Jacks you can just back off of part B?


Agree. Just give some water only next time and let her work through the nitro. Then go with lower dose of the cal nitrate next feeding


@BobbyDigital @Covertgrower unfortunately with that particular plant, she’s getting AN’s nearly full line, and I have no idea what was the part that gave her too much nitrogen, but I do add the terpinator, so I’m not sure if that’s what’s doing it, but with ADVANCED, there’s so many parts and I have MOST of them that it’s hard saying, so that’s what led to the idea of a flush but as I said was scared because I just fed her and I’m not sure if a 9lantbcan handle that, so if there were a critical moment you realized you made a critical mistake RIGHT AFTER, feeding, could you immediately flush to correct the mistake? And since it’s not Jack’s as you both thought, should I STILL not do anything yet and wait it out?

Just go with water only next round. Give her time to process the nitrogen. If any of the bottles have a high nitrogen number, back off from that for a bit.


@BobbyDigital I’m not sure how many times you’ve ACTUALLY saves me from a panic attack! :rofl::joy:


@BobbyDigital @Covertgrower @CygnusX1 @DebbieM @MattyBear @Mr_Wormwood @peachfuzz @Nicky @Jaydawg6528 well here’s another preview, of these lovely ladies, they’re looking pretty good, I fed the gelato just water and she seems to be doing better, still have some clawing but doesn’t seem as bad, also it seems as if the slurricaines buds are getting fatter and heavier just slightly tho, I think the slurricaine and zkittles will take about 2-3 weeks longer than the gelato, am I right in saying this gelato is in her SECOND round if pistils @Covertgrower?


Yes you are correct. Looking good!


@Covertgrower how long would you say on that gelato?

Little late but yeah, it appears that way

As for when, trichomes tel the tale , just look at the mature parts, not the new pistils (foxtail)

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About 4 weeks more approximately.

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