Grow Journal ILGM Gold Leaf, Blueberry, Strawberry Kush plus God Bud and Cindarella XX


I think you’re doing great! Around when do you expect them to start flowering?


@dbrn32 if it’s like last year July 17 my first girl started to flower and the others followed shortly after that. I’m hoping to have 3 weeks left in veg, and be done pinching in 2 weeks to give them a little break before the show starts. Thanks again!!!


Here’s my weekly update. Finished topping-torturing-stunting the last of the girls yesterday. They should have the bushy shape I need now. Will do some light LST starting in a few weeks, hanging egg sinkers off a paper clip with some mono. Was curious how this year stacks up with my first grow last year. Found this picture from early July. Looks like I’m not behind at all.

Last year I made the noob mistake of doing the PH before I mixed the nutrients, dropping it a bunch. Didn’t catch this until they started to flower. Also had them in the mid sized pots before going into their 15 gallon final homes. So this year I should have better results since they went straight into the big pots also.

Hoping to have 2 more weeks before they start to show.

Here’s the ILGM Blueberry and BC God Bud. The Blueberry is just going nuts like last year. This one really likes it outdoors it seems. The God Bud is looking better, still hoping she goes on a good run soon.

The ILGM Cali Dream is going well. One seems to be a runt but the other is coming along nicely.

The ILGM Chronic Widow seems really happy too. Hoping they fill out now that I stopped molesting them.

Last but not least the Cindy twins. Had to pinch tall Cindy yesterday, she was going to be too tall. Cindy in the BAP seems to be happy also. I’ve only topped her once and am going to leave her be.

Happy Growing All!


Oops…forgot to add the Cindy photos…and not even on the pipe yet lol.


Awesome, they’re looking very nice!


Looking great! They’re all moving along.


Howdy Friends!

Had a hot spell yesterday and today in So Cal. 105 yesterday and 95 here today. Should drop tomorrow. The girls did fine. I’m thinking the 5ml Silica Blast treatment with each watering may have helped a bit.

The blueberry and god bud look like they are just starting to get ready for the stretch. Here’s a photo of the blueberry this morning

Here’s the ILGM Blueberry and BC God Bud. The Blueberry is amazing. I see they are on sale get 10 and get 10 free right now…thinking about pulling the trigger but I need to slow my roll on spending if you know what I mean…

Hang on…need another coldie…this is the ILGM Chronic Widow, first time with this one and I’m impressed.

ILGM Cali Dream…one is a bit of a runt, but the other should be amazing

And…the Cindy twins. @dbrn32 I think they will be awesome too bro if I don’t do something really stupid.

Gotta admit I spend a lot of time just sitting out on the deck looking at my girls trying to visualize what will be come October…and the glorious smell too…ahhhhhhhh.

It’s all good. Happy Growing all and thank you for all of the help, it’s really made a huge difference!



Looks like you’re kicking butt to me. Hard to blame you too, I’d be doing the same.


Was out on the deck chillin like every night and found this little creature cruising around Cindy in the BAP. Zoom in :sunglasses:


Lady bug good luck charm


Zoom it in twice bros…that lady bug looks like a monster lol…to aphids and all the bad critters. Freaked out wifey…see the fangs?


Zoom it and make it a calendar cover :+1:


I’m chillin on the patio with the girls now after work and bugzilla makes another appearance BAP Cindy. But she cruised around a bit and then explored the other girls, only to leave, like she didn’t find any bugs.

It kinda feels like offshore fishing where you key on the birds. Best fish finders around. But if you spend enough time on the water watching them, you can tell the difference between a searching pattern, and when they are on fish.

So…call me crazy, but it’s probably a good thing bugzilla stayed in a searching pattern tonight…

Yup…watching the lady bug feeding pattern is what I’m on about :rofl::rofl:


She’s looking out for princess’ offspring, pun intended haha


Howdy Friends,

It’s showtime! All the girls are now showing and in the stretch. Hoping for a budalishis October…if I don’t screw anything up. So far it’s pretty good.


Hahaha…forgot to add the pictures…work with me.


Ya, wtf lol


ILGM Blueberry and BC god bud…the Blueberry outdoors is should be on every growers list IMHO.

ILGM Chronic Widwow…they are a bit spindly but have high hopes for this :slight_smile:

ILGM Cali Dream…this one is gonna rock me thinks

This is for @dbrn32 bro…she just starting showing today…

Group shot with my watchdog Roxy…she’s my old kill shelter pound puppy… mostly sleeps all day but she seems to approve somehow.

Happy Growing All!


You’re looking pretty damn good bud! Assuming Cindy on left was one topped?


@dbrn32 bro topped the one on the left twice…Cindy in the BAP only once. I need to keep these on the patio below 6 feet :grinning: