Grow Journal ILGM Gold Leaf, Blueberry, Strawberry Kush plus God Bud and Cindarella XX


I haven’t grown anything from the fem seeds, but the regs were super durable. I wouldn’t sweat it too much.


@DaGoose I grew 2 Chronic Widow last year, both turned out well and a joy to grow. One of the plants had flowers with a mouth numbing effect.

The Gold Leaf plant grew like a beast, very potent stuff, amazing :wink: actually.

It can be interesting to watch 2 plants, the same strain grow, however, having variety in the harvest important as well. Decisions, decisions…

Your plants looking great!


Very healthy ladies @DaGoose
Well done on your deck too love your space and all the stuff you got growing out there


Hi All!

Got the girls outside now and in 15 gallon pots, except the Cindy twins, who are still spending some time in the day spa before they lose their high heels and get outdoors. I’m using Root Organics 707 soil again this year, along with Botanicare nutes at about 30% of the recommended dose. Someday I will make my own soil but I have enough stuff to mess up so I’m trying to keep it simple with the basics.

Here’s Robert’s blueberry. I can’t begin to say enough good things about this strain. It’s a monster and tastes yummy too.

The Cindy twins…

Cali Dream and Chronic Widow

Gold Leaf and Chronic Widow

Thank you all for helping me!!! Gonna smoke a bowl and chill on the deck with my girls now :slight_smile:


Pictures of perfection :v:


Forgot the God Bud and another Cali Dream lol



Hard not to, that deck turned out gorgeous! Plants looking great too!


Cheers my friends!!!


Beautiful sunset! Looks peaceful


Looking good @DaGoose


@DaGoose Looking great, love the container paint job, they’re getting ready to takeoff :flight_departure:


So…I gotta make this quick so I don’t get in too deep with wifey who just got home. It’s all @MattyBear fault for making me go for it lol…and @Big123 for fanning my lack of moderation proclivities, and @dbrn32 for introducing me to Cindy!

I repotted Cindy in this small pot using last years soil. Practiced adding the organic nutes on my tomatoes. Here’s some of the stuff

Made a reinforced base with a HF dolly so i can move her

Threw in some perlite in the bottom for drainage

and here she is…so much for stealth but it’s and adventure. Also repotted the other Cindy Gotta run now.



Crap…lost the photo of the big pot…here it is


Looking good @DaGoose nice looking cart. Should make it easier to move. Can’t wait to see how big that one gets.


I’m happy to accept my part in this! Lol. You’ll thank me come harvest time!




she’s going to be very happy, take care moving her around so she never has a spill…


Here’s a a quick update. Yesterday bought 6 Harbor Freight moving dollys with a coupon for something like $7.50 each, almost 50% of the normal price. Added a 1x4 across the middle for better pot support. It sure makes it easier to rotate and work with them. Started my weekly preventative bug maintenance last Sunday. Using spinosad for the next few weeks. Then will add BT and alternate with spinosad. Hopefully it will keep the devil bugs controllable. Also watering only the perimeter of the pots so the roots don’t get lazy, and have to seek out the water, helping the root ball.

Last year my girls first started flowering on July 17 or so. Hope I have 2 more weeks before they show so I can pinch em as needed to get the right shape. I need them bushy and not tall, and want to give them a week or so unmolested when done. .

Here’s the Cali Dream. Trying to moderate the nitrogen so I don’t stunt them. First try with this strain and it’s from ILGM

Chronic widow. I’m loving this…first time with this also and from ILGM They are going to get nice and big and bushy it seems.

ILGM blueberry and BC God Bud. The blueberry is going off just like last year. ILGM crushed it with this strain! The god bud is a little bit disappointing, but may she will go on a run.

This was last seasons blueberry for comparison

Last but not least…the Cindy twins :slight_smile: Tall Cindy in the 15 gallon is really going good, topped once. I’m thinking I will need to do this 1 more time to mitigate height. Bushy Cindy in the BAP (big arse pot) is going well also. I’m going to leave her be with no more topping since she has a great shape already. @dbrn32 hope I don’t mess up bro!!!

Happy Growing All!!!


Great update! All looks well in the land of @DaGoose


@DaGoose they’re getting ready to takeoff :flight_departure:
Looking good!