Grow Journal ILGM Gold Leaf, Blueberry, Strawberry Kush plus God Bud and Cindarella XX


I thought Cindy was expensive, then I heard some buzz about some lone wolf chick breeder. Story went something like when her old man got raided she went running off into the woods with a tray of super rare cuts… not sure how true the story is, but her stuff is bringing $30 a bean and selling out lol. Greenfire


Yeah they’re the ones. A little pricey but I’m looking to breed in the near future so I like the idea of regular seeds.


It’s always interesting about some of these “stories” makes you wonder how much of it is true. @dbrn32 ever read the story about “Trainwreck”?
Greenfire. I’ll see what I can find.

@MattyBear regular beans are fine with me. (I have some reg THC Bomb but not my favorite) I would love to breed something. If nothing else, to save the genetics of it all. Won’t be long before ATF will be only be found in a hybrid as a parent strain. Which is a saddening thought. Also, before I try this, I should probably get a designated 2x2 tent, seal it, or put in a seperate area. If pollen can go for miles, I’m sure it could escape the tent.


Hi Folks,

Finally got a few hours to work on the girls today. I’ve been a very bad daddy to the girls this grow so far. Maybe should change my handle to “Roundup”.

So…my oldest plants, ILGM Blueberry and Gold Leaf, BC God Bud were doing ok under the light until last week. They stopped growing and the bottom leafs started to yellow.

Noticed a few very small bugs so put some food grade DE on them. Also feed them for the first time with some Liquid Karma, Cal Mag, and Silica Blast. Did this yesterday. I’ve tried not to overdo it, and maybe I under did it. Not very good at less is more. The ILGM Chronic Widow and Cali Dream were doing great in the small seedling trays like the others were initially.

So today I transplanted them into a bigger pot with some Root Organics 707 soil and a touch of Great White microenzae (you know that stuff) under the small root balls. Also added some rock dust for minerals. Here’s the Chrony and Cali dream after.

And…Cindy has announced herself…and yes…I’m super nervous I will be the grinch that killed Cindy…but pressing forward scared as all get out lol.

So far I’ve learned to not start my girls in the little seeding trays with my current setup.

Any sage advise is welcomed…gotta finish the 3rd coat on the last of the deck trim now.



They look just a little hungry, and they possibly needed a transplant a little earlier… It will take some time for them to recover and spread their roots out into their new space. @DaGoose


Can’t wait to watch Cindy!


Thank you all…jeezum…it’s quite the adventure eh?

Fed the gals with yellow leaves another light spray of the Cal Mag, Liquid Karma, Silica Blast, and Pro Grow Botanicare nutes tonight at the recommended dose.

I have complete respect for ya’ll who can just do this intuitively.

It’s all good and thank you for your help!!!


Hi Folks,

Nothing terribly exciting to report which is good news I reckon. The girls seem to have stabilized and it’s about time to start acclimating them outside.

Here’s the Blueberry, Gold Leaf, and God Bud.

The Chronic Widow and Cali Dream are doing fine…I didn’t mess them up earlier.

Cindy and her twin are catching up, but I think they need a bit more time before outside since I transplanted to bigger pots yesterday.

I keep thinking I’m behind schedule compared to last year, so I checked and I started my seeds exactly a year ago on May 19. This will be my last update for a few weeks since we’re headed out today to @FloridaSon’s neck of the woods…well maybe a few hundred miles south east in the Abacos. Time for some deep dropping for queen snapper and snorkeling for fresh conch salad. Hopefully the rain lays down for a couple of good sessions at least.

Cheers and thank you all again!


Sounds like a great time! Have fun brother


They look great! Enjoy the trip too!


Enjoy the sunshine state! @DaGoose


Hope you enjoy our liquid Sunshine! Be careful of our storms. We tend to get a lot of lightning and the storms come quickly.

Enjoy the fresh seafood…


Hi All!

Boy did we have fun on vacation. Walked in the door late last night after traveling all day. Had some great weather days and got out deep dropping a few times. Caught queen, silk, and yellowtail snapper, plus a nice 20lb Nassau grouper. My buddy dove up some conch and had fresh scorched conch on the boat, then made some fine conch salad at the cottage. Drank way too much…rented a boat for a day and did Cay hopping…but you only live once eh? Plus we hung out with our great friends down there. My girls are doing well. My friend did a great job. Still under the lights so I gave em a few hours of early morning sun to start hardnening them. Topped all but the Cindy twins, still not ready. Will post up some photos later today. @Big123 this is my meager journal bro…thanks for watching!!! Gotta run a bunch of errands now. Laterz


@DaGoose looking promising, I will be watching, thank you!


Hi All,

Got the girls out and took a few photos. They seem happy.
This is the ILGM Blueberry and BC God Bud. The Blueberry is gonna be a monster again.

Here’s the ILGM Chronic Widow

This is ILGM Cali Dream

The Cindy twins

And ILGM Gold Leaf

Several will be gifted to friends (not Cindy though lol). I just wanted to give em a good start. Need to get them acclimated to outside in the next two weeks re-pot and then go outside permanently once they are too big for my grow room. So it feels like all is well after a bit of a bumpy start. It’s amazing to see the growth after being gone for a few weeks. By October they should be plenty big and not too tall for my outdoor area.
Thanks for watching!


They’re all off to great starts! Beautifully done bud


I’m digging it!


@dbrn32 I’m torn up between topping the Cindy twins or not. My gut says do it to moderate the height and clean out the lower fluff for good airflow like the others, so they can focus their energy on primo buds and reduce the chance of bud rot and powdery mildew. I realize you have great indoor experience and value your input bro…whatdoyathink?


I have topped and trained. I don’t really have a preference either way. They usually grow pretty nicely unmolested too. I would think on moderate veg time you could go either way, maybe try one of each and see what you like?


@dbrn32 That is sound advice! Why not…I’m just super nervous I’m gonna jack up the twins :wink: