Grow Journal ILGM Gold Leaf, Blueberry, Strawberry Kush plus God Bud and Cindarella XX


Dude! Even better!!

My wife ended up doing them instead. The flavor wasn’t like mine because she doesn’t know how I season, but still damn good!

Always great when someone else cooks you good food. The shells weren’t the only thing that got stuffed! Lol :yum:


Hi Folks,

Expecting a light rain here tonight in So Cal so finally got a break from working on the deck after work…the damned thing is killing my 58 year old back but it’s all good! Spent all weekend caulking every seam and puttying every screw. If your gonna paint, you might as well do it right so it lasts a long time. The devil is in the details and prep work. Just needs one final finish coat then the bamboo goes in the bottom squares.

So I made my panda film curtains and wifey gets the mail and says “your Cindarella seeds are here”. Damn…it’s going to be a really good day. Then I see the customs sticker on the package. Damn…foiled again. They pinched Cindy again at LAX. So maybe the third try is a charm. But I’m sure she’ll ready for this years outdoor prom. It’s all good. The danced floor will be ready.

Here’s my new panda film curtain the girls started indoors. The ILGM Chronic Widow and Cali Dream seeds I just got just popped up. Hoping I don’t do something stupid but there’s a lot to learn.



Deck looks to be coming along nicely, I’m betting will be absolutely gorgeous and worth the work when complete!

Apparently Cindy is playing hard to get! The place you ordered from, do they have a refund policy after so many attempts? She’s definitely not a cheap date, but it appears there’s a few domestic outlets that can arrange it.


@dbrn32 Thanks bro for the compliments on the deck. We bought this house 25 years ago and she had great bones. It’s nice to see it coming together with our meager budget over the years. Cindy is from SeedSupreme…hope I didn’t do a foopah with that. For 17$ you can get the guaranteed delivery upsell (ILGM does this with no extra charge because they ROCK). So at $25 per seed, it made sense to do so.

It will all work out. How cool is it to share this stuff with good peeps like you…and…Cindy is gonna dance bro!!!


$25 per bean is steep indeed! I agree with seeds from here, I wish they had her.


@DaGoose I might have used the same website with great success for my first grow. The deck does look great, and I searched the same seeds per @dbrn32 recommendation. They were expensive when I looked too. Following along and happy growing.


You can get the regs for slightly over $10 per bean. Like $150 for 12. Cinderella xx is feminized version, comes in 8 pack for same price. Looks a lot like this lol.

I know we’re not suppose to post ilgm packaging, but if any of you guys know there’s an issue with that pic lemme know.

I do think it’s pretty badaas your wife is on the lookout for Cindy DaGoose.


Deck will look great when finished! Love your view too :sunglasses: I can’t wait to get my hands on some Cindy!


Yesterday was a good day. My bro-in law got the bamboo inserts in after we spent way too many hours prepping and painting the rail. It looks tight like it should with at least 2 coats before installed, and another 2 final coats with help from a dear friend who’s also a super painter. Here’s how it looks.

PLUS…CINDY IS FINALLY IN THE HOUSE :slight_smile: Dropping 2 beans in water tonight. They’ll be dancing on the deck in October.

Cheers all…back to deck work.


That looks really nice!


Damn, you do nice work man!

Congrats on acquiring Cindy too!


That’s a really nice deck. You do good work.


You have me really tempted to grow the Cindy seed I have! I only have one, so I need to be able to have space to clone her. :v:


Thank you all! @MattyBear I hear you loud and clear on the clone preparation to keep Cindy going. I’ll have to sort that out later. Feels like I’m 2 weeks behind schedule, but I’ve only had 1 schedule before this so I really don’t know jack about it.

REALLY looking forward to getting the girls big and happy and sitting there enjoying it all on the deck, and watching my drip system do the watering…if I don’t kill them all first lol. If ya’ll were closer I’d fire up the old weber kettle and cook a nice santa maria style tri-tip and you could blow my mind about what I need to still learn :slight_smile:

It’s all good.


Someday, hopefully soon. I love BBQ!!! And talking anything Cannabis related. I will be dropping Cindy soon. As soon as I have some veg space back lol. Everything inside is in flower now. Gonna drop a few more WWA tomorrow for outdoor. Busy season is here!


@MattyBear any hints on what breeder you got the ATF from?


I got them out of some “top shelf” bag seed buds. I did see a really interesting ATF hybrid if you want some info…


Why not? For the love of cannabis! @MattyBear


It’s called Chronic Thunder. I also saw some feminized Acapulco Gold, not the OG but sounds like solid genetics.


I’ll look for that. I also found acupolco gold. Barney’s? @MattyBear
Also I did find regular seeds of ATF. Spendy. Minimum of 10