Grow Journal ILGM Gold Leaf, Blueberry, Strawberry Kush plus God Bud and Cindarella XX


@DaGoose ,do not feel alone…
i’ve cooked some too…lol i would imagine most of us has at one point…lol


Sorry to hear about Cindy, she’s to good of a bean to be held for ransom!


Been super busy working on the deck. I put all my beans in soil under the light to give them a chance, but checked them yesterday and I clearly baked my beans. So started 2 more gold leaf and god bud seeds. No word on my shipment for Cindy replacements yet. One blueberry survived and has sprouted. So I ordered Robert’s Premium Mix Pack yesterday. California Dream seems interesting as does Chronic Widow, and you can’t go wrong with Gold Leaf. Will gift some of these to a friend who wants to start growing for the first time.

Still on schedule I think, but getting anxious seeing all the pretty girls ya’ll have started.

It’s a learning experience eh…



My new beans from ILGM shipped today :slight_smile:

The deck is coming along…the girls should really like this space. But I’m kind of sucking getting them started. It’s all good…some days your the pigeon, and some days your the statue. It’s all good eh?


Nice , I like that one


My Premium Mix pack arrived today :slight_smile: Got 2 Chronic Widow and 2 Cali Dream beans in water just now. I am SO HAPPY with ILGM’s service…and you know their genetics rock too. Just ordered them 9 days ago…ya’ll rock!!! No word on my replacement Cindy 99 seeds. So it’s looking like this year will be ILGM Blueberry, Gold Leaf, Chronic Widow, Cali Dream, and BC Bud Depot God Bud. Maybe…just maybe I have enough wifey points in the bank to get a proper indoor setup for Cindy. A man never knows though…

Still working on my deck every waking moment I’m not at work. It’s getting there, and wifey is happy. I’m walking sideways like a crab…my old back ain’t what it used to be. But it’s all good!!!

Will have some proper grow journal stuff soon.



I just tasted some Cinderella99 for the first time on 420. I have to say it’s pretty nice!


Maybe they got my beans :slight_smile:


That would be one fast grow! Lol


Bummer on Cindy, but you’ll have some fire anyway!

@FloridaSon did you get some from a fruity pheno?


Yes I did.

The best way I could describe it is a creamy smooth berry with an earthy tone in the sinus to finish it off.

A feel of creativity eases on after a few good hits. It would be hard to actually create anything, because my thoughts seem to encompass many subjects at once, for lack of a better description.

After an hour or two I need to hit the bowl again or else I’ll drift off into the relaxation effect. Once I give in, sleep is pleasant…I can feel myself about to ramble even now!

Yes, Brother. Fruity pheno…


Sounds about right! Awesome!


What other flavor profiles have been displayed with her different phenotypes?


Pineapple, grapefruit, and some are real earthy/woody tasting. Nothing like the others.


@FloridaSon and @dbrn32…you guys are killing me right now lol. Cindy is gonna have to wait until midnight I guess, like a true princess.

My Chronic Widow and Cali Dream seeds got dumped into soil after an overnight soak. All of em already cracked the case and started to sprout.

This is what my yard looks like after staining the bamboo for the deck, that is after spending a day cleaning it on Sunday. 3 days to dry to tacky then up on the deck this weekend. And THEN…showtime :slight_smile:


Cindy is a true diva, does what she wants and gets what she wants haha! A little bird told me there was gonna some packs autographed by Mr. Soul available in the near future. Maybe if it pans out that’s what you’ll end up getting.

Bamboo deck will look absolutely stunning when it’s finished!


Bamboo looks great! Bigger question is when are we taking the boat out? Haha


Hell no! That was my question too! You beat me to it, this time, so I’ll burn one waiting for my turn…

Damned screen is gummed up and won’t let the kief pass through anymore! Gonna have to look into that ceramic grinder.

Gotta get my head right before making my homemade stuffed shells. A friend is coming by for her birthday dinner tonight. Gonna try adding smoked mozzarella in them this time as extra flavor! :yum:


A friend for birthday dinner you say? No wonder emoji has tongue hanging out of his mouth haha.


Where to start…first I hope @FloridaSon got to stuff his shells :slightly_smiling_face:

@MattyBear, I used to fish every Saturday for like 20 years, and am pretty good at it! If any of ya’ll are in these parts let me know.

Gonna drop now :slight_smile: