Grow Journal ILGM Gold Leaf, Blueberry, Strawberry Kush plus God Bud and Cindarella XX
This is just one site
I have a better one
For the money you can likely get away with one of these less expensive hydro units
You can use your amazon account there too

You can add membranes and change up the filters
This will give you a more custom option a lot of these units can be added to and reconfigured
Happy to help in anyway I can
Hate to see ya spend $300 of your hard earned cash when you may be able to spend a lil less and get more for your dollars too

Your kind of a hydro nut , know anything about RO units?

lol bigger is better and before buying RO unit test your tap water
if your water is 150 ppm or higher it’s worth while if not you can start with Distilled and go to degassed tap later.
Depending on the amount of water each res fill needs and if you are only planning to use strictly for plants 50gal per day units are nice but for our uses it is more about storage tank so you don’t need to wait :wink:

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Hmmmmmmm…maybe I could just replace the filtering unit since it’s already plumbed in. Welcome to my messy kitchen sink plumbing


well i have the ilgm part,not sure about south cali though…lol
awesome buds @DaGoose

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looks like mine though my tap water at my last test was 80ppm and mine is 5 stage just wish I had space for larger tank

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Hi @Donaldj you pretty much nailed it. If the tank was twice as big the slow recovery rate wouldn’t be an issue. I don’t have space for that. My tap water is around 440 PPM. It was the exact same after I tried this unit.


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may be better option since above filter likely would barely lower ppm


This would do the trick if I install it outside and just let it fill up another 33 gallon trash can as a holding tank. Something to definitely consider.

Thanks a bunch!!


It is obvious that the pro is enjoying your beautiful fruit

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Slapped a few coats of paint on and just finished assembling my crazy drip system. It actually works too!!! I need to figure out how to program the timers and will likely raise them so any heat from the pump wont be an issue. It was a kick in the pants!

Thanks again everyone for your help!


Dude! That is bad ass! Love it

Out of likes, but I support this set up! It’ll be kickstart to the plants!

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Oh sweet!

Not sure what you’re planning with the timers, but if you get into any problems a recycle timer may be able to help you out.


I don’t think any filter can lower PPM. That’s parts per million of dissolved solids, they key word being “dissolved”. That means the magnesium and calcium, et al, exists as ions right down at the atomic level. That’s MUCH smaller than any filter. There are some devices that do ion exchange, like water softeners, but they replace the calcium and magnesium with sodium which is very bad for plants. Nice for laundry or taking a shower though.

Reverse Osmosis uses a semipermiable membrane that lets water through but not the ions. It’s not really a filter in the normal sense. It gives you pure water, and about twice as much very salty water. You don’t want to use the waste water on plants. It should go right down the drain.

As long as you are using recirculation, RO would be best. Once you get your tank filled, it won’t take much to replace lost water each day. I’m growing a fat six footer and 1 gallon per day is fine.


You can deffinately do that the plumbing is there
Inlet to outlet pretty self explanatory.

Here is the site my brother got all his stuff from
Huge bang for buck and filter configurations including filters that filter out chloramines and bacterias.
Cool site check it out

And cool set up dude!!
Thanks for the info @Donaldj
Appreciate it

Sorry for edit not an approved link :wink:

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Hey @DaGoose I replaced my 4 gallon RO tank with a twenty gallon stoage tank
@Donaldj my ppm went from 380 down to 18 ppm with my 5 stage ro filter
I have my installed in basement so i had the room but maybe a larger storage tank is in order as well just a thought
I found trying to keep up with collection of ro water to be a pain with the little tank i spent more time to collecting water then i did Growing the plants lol
Set to watching bud