Grow Journal ILGM Gold Leaf, Blueberry, Strawberry Kush plus God Bud and Cindarella XX


Hi @dbrn32 !! Congrats on the promo brother…you and @MattyBear will rock the house as mods!!! I’m just going to have to experiment I reckon to find the happy medium. There is no way to control the temps outside of the grow room without significant expense. I’m guessing the non-ideal co2 exchange effects on the girls will ramp up as they get bigger and consume more. Gonna get that short cycle timer and do some fine piddling. The bathroom isn’t completely airtight. There’s a 1/2" gap under the door that doesn’t compromise lights out. Thanks again for all your help. I truly appreciate it!!! Cheers!!!


Thanks! Keep us posted on how it goes.


What has saying about the co2 the longer you take to exchange the lower your co2 levels will get and below a ambiant atmospheric co2 is not good… so better to exchange more often then less my ac is on sometimes 100% of the time so I’m constantly at atmospheric ambiant levels if your not expelling air …then your not pulling air in there for plants are consuming more and more co2 as they get bigger … so to solve stagnant mold habitable air , temp and co2 just exchange as much as possible… @dbrn32 why would he not consider leaving the exhaust running all the time …and are you running you fans at night with lights off… I do I’m not sure if that’s good or bad tho I would think air flow is always good


He’s trying to keep temps up without drawing any more power than necessary if I understand correctly.


Thank you both for your help. Just made a batch of cookies with ILGM’s Gold Leaf for my wife’s uncle who’s visiting with my MIL who’s 94 for xmas. He’s 92 and just switched to edibles to help him sleep. I gave him 2. Should do the trick for the next 5 days. So…I had to try one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This indoor stuff is all new to me and I’m having fun learning all this. If I run the 6" exhaust fan with the carbon filter, it cycles the room air every 42 seconds. Total bathroom size is 320 cubic feet (8x5x8), of which about 110 cubic feet is used for the curtained bathtub.

If I run the exhaust fan constantly, my little oil heater will have no effect on controlling temps. Plus I’m not certain about the circuit capacity since my house was built in 1930 and it’s a bit quirky. So I’m trying to find the sweet spot to somewhat control the heat, and keep the Co2 good enough to not have a big negative effect on the girls without blowing the circuit. Plus I wan’t it to be as energy efficient as possible. They really put the screws to you in Cali for energy and water (and anything else they can to get more taxes too).

It’s going to be a work in progress and I’m sure I’ll make plenty of mistakes. But I’m having a blast doing this, and wouldn’t stand a chance for much success without all the help from the good folks on this forum. Thank you all again!

Cheers…gotta love Gold Leaf :v:


Enjoy those edibles and time with family. Merry Christmas Goose!


@MattyBear Just sitting here at the puter with a big ole grin bro. Merry Christmas :sunglasses:


It’s hard to wrap my head around having to heat the grow space lol… definatley haven’t nor probally will ever have to deal with it being to cold… then again if your saying your dipping down to the 50s that’s still not to cold IMOyou know if you temps gradually get down to lower temps that’s cool but I’d say as long as your not 50 at night and 85 during the day everyday you’ll he fine 50 jumping to mid 70s isnt a big deal I’d say

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Just looked at the forecast and it’s gonna be 59 - 41 on Friday. Also read that plants consume co2 during lights on, and produce it during lights off. So I’m clearly overthinking this, but that’s how I learn…the hard way :sunglasses: The short cycle timer has a light sensor. So my plan is to cycle the exhaust fan during lights on only to help keep the temps up when it’s coldest somewhat. Thinking 1 minute on every hour (that completely cycles the room) to start. Then increase cycles as the get bigger. Gonna monitor the resulting temp swings. The circulating fan will run 24/7. This strain likes a temp drop during late flower, when I’ll have to run it 24/7 for the smell anyways. So that might work to my advantage. But I don’t know jack about this. Just having a blast doing it. Happy Xmas Eve all! :v:


I grow indoor and outdoor in SoCal. IMO the absolutely best time of year to grow is fall-Spring as the temps stay manageable and we still have plenty of sunshine. I started with an outdoor GH and pound for pound dollar for dollar its the way to go. very easy to set up light dep/ add to make your cycle work year round. I have to run A/C spring-fall as the temps indoor are extremely high.


Hi @hangthebanksters!

I’m a bit slow at the moment and can’t figure out what “GH” means. Would love to understand what your method is brother! Time for a toke now…been a long day :sunglasses:


GH= greenhouse