Grow Journal ILGM Gold Leaf, Blueberry, Strawberry Kush plus God Bud and Cindarella XX


Ok I figured so long as they match up correctly on both sides I’m good. Now wrestling with the board side, I have a brown “ACL” lead and a blue “ACN” lead. Which one connects to the positive connector at the primary board? they provided black and red wires for this so they don’t match. Once this mystery is solved, then I connect the positive of the primary board to the negative on the secondary board so it’s in series and not parallel. I’m googling this stuff and it may not make a difference but I’m a nervous Nellie…gawd I hate being this needy…


I figured it out…didn’t take a girls look at the driver which clearly shows brown goes to +, hooked up the light and it worked with no sparks…sorry for the meltdown. Time to install the light and have a toke :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Rob is under the weather at the moment @DaGoose but I know he’ll be by to help if you still need it once he’s feeling better :v:


@MattyBear I’m good bro! @dbrn32 hope you feel better really soon!!! Light’s in and working turned all the way down. It’s pretty darn bright even this way. The Kill A Watt said something like 96 watts. The specs say 135 is the minimum. Was like 230 out of the box. My inkbird arrived late yesterday so it’s going in this afternoon when I have a chance to piddle…and thank you like always!!!

I can assemble the next kit in no time :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Sorry brother, those numbers look about right. Did you try turning pot all the way up?


Hi @dbrn32! No need to be sorry bro!!! I did not max it out. Will do so tomorrow when I’m piddling adding the inkbird for temp control. Didn’t get to it today…helped my folks get ready to move after being in their house for 50 years and traffic was horrendous getting home. I hate driving in the rain here in So Cal…people drive like idiots.

Hope you feel better!!!


Thanks! No worries on the light, I was just curious. I bet getting them moved will be a task, 50 years is a long time! I know how you feel about driving too, it’s like that here year round lol.


:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:Bro it will be a process. Many good times like when me and my younger bro caught a gardener snake and hid it upstairs in our room until it escaped. We said nothing but 2 years later mom spots a big snake head coming out of the drywall…we said nothing until a few years ago.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh damn! My mom would shit a brick


I told her my brother did it :yum::yum::yum:


Nothing like passing the buck.


Wow thats so beautiful C 99 is one of my top 5 strains along with Brisker og and white platinum og but soon killer QUEEN, and purple Skywalker og are gonna be flipped and thats gonna be amazing

BRISKER OG hard as a rock my C 99 killer queen and purple Skywalker og and some sprouts of Blue cindy, MOB, lemon super silver haze


Nice @Bignugz420! I have a Killer Queen that is almost finished in one of my tents and a couple more C99 clones too :wink::v:


I know the amperage might say less then your circuit you have but most ac and heaters per manufacturer the request a single circuit for the appliance. My ac says single circuit use only I ignore that but It does cause a nice draw once the compressor kicks on if i got to much things on in the house it trips my light ballast safety and restarts it since a cool down period before restart you can loose a good amount of light time per day if you dont pay attention… i have 2 fixtures running right now the 150 hps has an on board ballast (sun system) and never need a cool down so if i loose my 400 for a cool down period atleast my 150 stays lit kinda like a cloudy day? I stead of a constant solar eclipse … dont want to psyc the plants to much I’d be worried if the 150 wasent staying on


Hi @fano_man!

Funny that you mentioned your grow electrical consumption. I’m geeking out at the moment trying the calculate my consumption. Learning a wee bit now about watts and amps and such. I do have a question someone can answer: I’m probably overthinking this but…was concerned about getting the proper airflow in the bathroom grow setup. I just put the fan on the girls (shoulda done this from the get go) and have a small energy efficient oil radiator to heat it up. It’s slow and steady with no air movement. But I’m thinking of getting a short cycle timer so my 6" carbon filter/exhaust in the ceiling comes on even during veg to ensure great airflow and exchange. The trade off is this will cool the room somewhat so the temps will fluctuate more. My fan completely cycles the air every 42 seconds. Was thinking maybe putting it on for 42 seconds every 2 hours or so. Am I just plain crazy? Thoughts…now that was a softball for ya’ll :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What is your temp fluctuation in the 2 hours from exchanged air temp to the temp you kick your exhaust on… I’m in a shed outside in south florida… my ac can get it down to about 72 in summer and I’ve had the ac malfunction and have days where I’m at 90 to 93 even with no I’ll effects exhaust fan is going to be your cheapest way to keep air ambiant… if I was you I would leave you exhaust on all the time since it will be pulling air from the rest of your house through the bathroom door keeping the temp pretty regular… the cost to run a exhaust fan would he minimal compared to other methods of cooling or heating… my problem is heat in summer I have to fun ac as long as the lights are on or it will kill my plants … my space is 13 sq feet had 3 fixtures producing ridicules heat and that’s a 8500btu portable unit inside the grow space exhausting hot air strait outside and still hard to maintain… in about an hour I get to 90 degrees with ac off… but like I said I haven’t had any issues from fluctuation…you might have issues with fluctuation in flower I kept pretty even 74 to 77 in flower never shutting ac off … needless to say expensive 1100 watts in ac alone 863 watts of light, 1 small 10 inch fan close to about 2000 watts for 12 hours a day in flower… and about 1200 with the lights off… because my ac is a dehum/ ac/ filter fan all in one I needed dehum. Running at night with light off and I still got bud rot… got greedy and over crowded the room … trying to avoid that like the plague…that compromised all my crop had to harvest early botrytis was jumping plant to plant … was a night mare so I’m still working out kinks


@fano_man Great questions and I should have included that. I’m in So Cal and don’t have to deal with the humidity and hot temps to much for now. I currently only have the heater on an inkbird timer set to 67 lights out and 76 lights on with a 3 degree variance. My RO is 40-60%. The bathroom is in my rigging room that has no heater/AC and is poorly insulated. So it pretty much mimics outside temps which are currently range something like 65 for the high and 50 for the low. Need to stay on a pretty tight budget or wifey will put the kabosh on my fun. Thanks for your help!!!


Luckily I dont pay electric at my place but still am trying to consume as little as possible but the heat is a mofo for me…do u have to cool ur space in summer?


This is my first indoor grow and it does get hot in the late summer, sometimes over 100 when the Santa Ana winds blow. Usually it’s in mid to high 80’s during the day and mid 70’s at night. I’m hoping I can get by with just running the oscillating and exhaust fans. Not ideal climate control, but an A/C unit isn’t in the budget. So I’m thinking I will might do a smaller scale outdoor grow with 1 to 2 plants (compared to my last 2 outdoor grows with 6-8), and time the indoor so they aren’t flowering in August/September when it’s hot. Last outdoor season my 2 ILGM Cali Dream and Chronic Widow girls really perfumed the deck. I loved it but wifey wasn’t too keen on it and my neighbors had to smell it when the wind conditions were right. Don’t want to be “that guy” lol.


You’ll also need to consider your co2 exchange. You don’t need an exchange every 43 seconds, but I wouldn’t wait an hour or two either. I think the proper exchange is like once every 3 or minutes, or something like that. Nothing wrong with stretching ideal, but I’d try working within something closer to that.