Grow Journal ILGM Gold Leaf, Blueberry, Strawberry Kush plus God Bud and Cindarella XX


They all look relatively the same too. First 2 pics on there look just like what i got.


Sweet! I prefer sativa too, so would definitely be something I like.


Seems to be some better phenos from what i can see. But most of the buds look like the one i got, then theres like another 2-3 better looking buds that could be different phenos.


This is my first go with with chorizo also. My standard spice recipe is paprika, cumin, garlic powder and whatever else flips my switch at the moment. The chorizo adds a nice spicey background note. The smoked gouda was on sale so I used that instead of a monterrey jack and cheddar mix. I’ll post up some photos. I’m lucky to have a Northgate market (Mexi food stuff) nearby and they have a huge bin of great jalapenos. Split and seeded something like 62 of them so double that for the poppers.

After the first 40 were split and filled yesterday early yesterday afternoon, had heaps of cheese left so thought I was making a quick run to get more. Got back to my truck and the dreaded click click click when trying to start it. Long store short made it home 2 hours later with two new AAA batteries (it’s a diesel F250) they replaced in the parking lot. So just waited until today to start my smoking operation. Once they are done I freeze then vacuum seal in packs of 12 (gotta low end commercial vacuum sealer) so ready for whatever. Will be a fun day today. Stay tuned :smiley:


Getting there. The last batch of poppers are just about ready.

Here’s a few pics of the first batch.

I highly recommend Cindy XX as a fine pairing for the day. On to Cali Dream soon. Got a bit inspired and made some blueberry cannabutter too. Fresh from the oven chocolate chips cookies for desert tonight :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Any day is a great day when your smoking eh?


Poppers look bomb :bomb:


Looks awfully tasty!


Thank you!!!

I prefer the skinny fatty bacon that stretches but the farmer john was on sale and cheaper than what I really needed. It was a mistake. The extra time needed to get the thicker more meatier bacon done made the jalapenos a bit overdone and they didn’t do a good job of encapsulating the peppers. But it’s all good my friends. The chorizo is a keeper!

Love that ILGM Cali Dream. Be well my friends!!!


Hi All!

It’s been 2 months now since harvest and the buds are curing nicely. The Cali Dream is everyone’s favorite for taste in the pipe because it the last hit almost has the same flavor as the first one. God Bud and Blueberry had big dense buds but the flavor is nothing like the last harvest, but it’s getting somewhat better with age. @dbrn32 just had some Cindy…I really like the up high (got me motivated to post an update lol) and the taste has that nice piney flavor. It must be really special grown indoors and done the right way. Here’s a shot of the trikes (did I mention I just had some). Maybe a bit early but it was go time with the bud rot and all. XX%20Cured%20Trics%20112418

Just purchased 20 White Widow autos on the black friday buy 10 get 10 free deal for a buddy who grows in the bush just off Florida. They need to stay small and discreet and not be too fussy to maintain.

I’m over the outdoor harvest shuffle and miss growing. Dropped a few beans just now also, gifted from a friend who helps with a local co-op. They grow Gelato and Tahoe White. He says they get 32% THC with the Tahoe White and had issues with the last run going hermie. They will be inside under my Roleandro 600 watt. Not optimal but it’s what I have. And the younger folks seem to want the heavy hitting stuff over taste. So I’m going to give it a shot and see what happens for sh@ts and giggles. Someday I will have COB’s or QB’s, but still jobless and can’t be spending $$$ right now.

Happy Holidays All!


Glad to hear you are enjoying th crop! Not necessarily any difference indoor vs outdoor to my knowledge in terms of terps. But I’ve never grown outside either. I would assume just a phenotype thing. Happy to help with lights when you’re ready too.


Hey @dbrn32!

I think Cindy outdoors would have really rocked it with a bit more light and not having a knucklehead growing her :sunglasses: There’s a million ways to die before harvest regardless of the applied techniques eh? So I stepped in a few of them but I’m learning. It could have been much worse. Was thinking she would rock the house indoors under good lights and a optimal environment. But it was super fun to try her outdoors here. . Bro…the journey was most excellent. I had never heard of Cindy and getting the seeds from Mr Soul was also an adventure. Not knocking ILGM seeds whatsoever, I love them. Next outdoor season I will have to scale it down. It’s a big commitment which I don’t mind, but wifey is kinda over the patio smelling wonderful (to me at least) and moderating folks who come over for that time. The neighbors definitely have to smell it too. Such is the reality of urban patio gardening I recon. And I was never good at moderation :rofl::rofl:

Anyways, I’m feeling no pain now and truly appreciate your help and all the other good folks here on the forum. Hopefully soon I will have a proper indoor setup since that seems to make the most sense. Heck, I’m just having fun doing this and learning. And I hate being in the bottom 95% of anything I do…



Love the update @DaGoose! I’m harvesting one of my Cindy’s as we speak :wink::v:


@MattyBear pleeze post photos here so I can see how it’s supposed to be done brother! So…I’m working on a scrog screen now and my beans all got tails. Tried the H202 soak…it works!

Also got my payment confirmation today for the 20 WW autos and noticed Roberts new deal for today where they include the lab membership at no extra charge. So…technically my order was processed today…if any of ya’ll have contacts to the good folks at ILGM, can you throw me a bone and get me in there? No worries if not, but I have heaps to learn you all are dialed in!!

@dbrn32 bro I think wifey will let me get a good light soon for my indoor adventure…stay tuned. Back to piddling and making my scrog screen :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


I may be wrong again…it looks like the special was Roberts Seed to Bud module. Please forgive me…time for a toke my friends :unamused::unamused::unamused:


Seen that too, and looks like you are correct. Last I knew they were offering $25 lab forum only special if you were interested in that.

As far as light goes, just hit me up when you’re ready. If you want to diy or buy something ready to go, happy to help either way.


Here’s my Cindy. She was Scrogged in a 3 gallon fabric pot. I just got done trimming it all up and it was a lot!




@MattyBear THAT IS AWESOME BRO!!! Thank you for sharing!!! Someday I might come close to that!!!

@dbrn32 I’ve been eyeing the HLG 260W V2 QB kits with 2 boards in the low to mid $300 range, which is my budget. My scrog frame measures 54" X 30". The coverage might be a little weak since they recommend 3’ x 3’ for flower. Thinking I’ll put 2 plants in the bottom of the bathtub when the time is right, and not on top of the board that fits on top of it now. That will add an extra 12" in height so I will have a little over 6’ total to work with. Would love COB’s for the versatility to make changes, but they seem out of my budget.

I’m pretty handy but have never tapped metal for screws. Your the expert bro! I REALLY APPRECIATE all your help!!!


I have one of those kits in one of my 3x3 tents and I love it! Thanks for the kind words too bud :wink:


Hey @MattyBear!!!

Smoked a few bowls of Cindy just now. Flashed back to a video where Franco and Arjan had this conversation. Arjan says there’s a difference between high and stoned. Then Franco says sometimes you want to get high and sometimes you want to get stoned, like whiskey and wine. Cindy is the high and you rocked your grow bro!!!