Grow Journal ILGM Gold Leaf, Blueberry, Strawberry Kush plus God Bud and Cindarella XX


@Big123 @dbrn32 and @nostril thank you for the words of encouragement!!! Must admit it gets a bit old breaking every bud down and throwing most all of your best main colas in the trash. Will only maybe 15 hanging on the stems. The rest are just trimmed buds in 2 hanging trays. But I gotta do my best to salvage this crop. It’s kinda hard sometimes to determine if the red hairs on mature buds are the start of bud rot or not. If there’s any doubt, in the trash. Don’t need another surprise later on. The weather’s been nice and dry during the day so I’m very fortunate for that. Plus got a break and now the rain is expected Wednesday. Will finish up today. Probably going to salvage 35% or thereabouts. But my trimming skills are getting better and I have more than I need. It’s all good…coulda been much worse!!! Time for coffee and back at it. Thank you again.


Wth bro it’s not Christmas yet put that thing away lol!


Hi Folks!

Took a break after 7 days of trimming and salvaging whatever I could from the bud rot and cabbage looper spawn. The good news is the weather has been great for curing and the buds are at between 68% to 70% after about 12 days. They are smelling great and almost ready for the boveda packs and light burping.

I have more than I need and I learned a bunch this year. Like don’t be stupid and saturate dense buds with BT right before the harvest when it’s gonna be foggy. It’s the perfect recipe for bud rot lol.

The Cali Dream, Chronic Widow, and Cindy XX smell super duper. The God Bud and and Blueberry don’t measure up like last year but it’s all good.

This is the boneyard when all was said and done.

Here’s a photo of my modest trimming/washing/drying operation. The cheap reed fencing works great to hand the buds after the H202 wash. Wash em, hang em, and put the yard blower on em. Didn’t have but a few buds I could hang like last year. Had to carefully break each bud down to ensure no bud rot of bug sh@t in the final product.

This is one of the beautiful Cindy XX colas after I jacked her up.

It’s a journey eh…

Cheers All!!!


Great job amigo!

Way to roll with it ;=))


Congrats on the harvest! Always seems to be something, but stoked to hear you were still able to get what you needed.


@Big123 and @dbrn32…it really was a great adventure.

Maxwell Smart said it best “missed it by that much” :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The lemonaid will be most excellent…wish you were here to sample some bros…give me another month and they will be ready!!!


Congratulations on the harvest!


Yup congrats on the harvest. Sucks bud rot has been a monster this year. Happy to see you got some nice looking bud outta it tho. All lessons learnd for next run tho. N as u said. The less friends the merrier. More weed for you :wink::+1:t5:


Congrats @DaGoose!


awesome work @DaGoose
tasty looking buds!


Im smoking some Glass Slipper. Cinderella 99 and Pineapple 99 crossed together. Sativa dominant hybrid 17% thc

@dbrn32 @DaGoose


Ooooh lawd! How is that?!


Its pretty fire. Love love the smell. That lemon limey type smell, its the b caryophyllene in it. Good sativa buzz. Good for morning smoke thats why picked it. Hoping i find a seed lol



Looks like candy :fire::dash:fire lookin smoke


Hi @Dr.DankThumb420 and @dbrn32!!!

That sounds like a wicked mix!! My Cindy is still curing but I have sampled it a wee bit lol. Nice earthy taste and sativa up high. Super expando on the lungs (it was loaded with resin). It’s a bit early here to start now but I did make 120 bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers with a smoked gouda, cream cheese, and mexican pork chorizo filling. Once the sun comes out it’s time to fire up my bullet smokers with apple wood…and then it will be time :sunglasses:


Damn, never tried them with chorizo


Love the smoke that expands like that in the lungs. This isnt doing that, but my last gg#4 was like that. The smoke seemed super dense and compressed. Blowing clouds from small tokes. But the Glass Slipper will do… for now… And i second that, never tried with chorizo


Very nice!

@MattyBear c99 x pineapple chunk could be a thing?


I looked on leafly. Just says c99 and pineapple99.


No problem. I just know he has the two I mentioned.