Grow Journal ILGM Gold Leaf, Blueberry, Strawberry Kush plus God Bud and Cindarella XX


awesome work @DaGoose


I went through something similar about 10 years ago, and worked out to be the best thing that ever happened to me career wise. I can only hope this situation plays out the same you.


@DaGoose You’re ladies looking very sexy!

Keep your head up, must be a blessing in disguise for sure.


Garden looks great. Good luck with the employment hunt, and hopefully you can get a nice renewal in the next gig.


Chillin with the girls on the deck just now and the lighting was good for a shot of one of BAP Cindy’s main colas. Most trikes on my girls are clear or cloudy…it’s showtime!!! Really hoping these buds swell a bunch. That is if I don’t f@#k something up :wink::wink::wink:



Great pic, it looks like a skyscraper.


With all those pistils, she’ll definitely swell some.


Yeah I agree! Looking good Goose! :v:


Those are some amazing plants! Great growing technique!


Hi Folks,

The girls are busy getting fat and happy but I have a new guardian spider for one of the Cali Dream buds. Been hanging out for a couple weeks now. Wish I had 40 more earlier this season :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

And yes…I did have a cookie a wee bit ago :rofl:

Gonna be busy next week. Hope you all outdoors folks have a great harvest (and indoors too of course). It’s quite the adventure eh?



Beautiful picture, i always leave spiders :spider: too, have not seen one like that before.


That’s an amazing photo!! Beautiful! Good luck with your harvest.


I don’t remember the name of the drip system I use on my flower beds they came with a 25 gallon regulator that hooks to the water spicket. So as long as there is not more than 25 gallons worth of drippers on the line the system will still push the max amount of water out of the dippers. As i am in mexico on vacation. I will try to remember to post the name of the system when i get home in a few days. Thau way you can have any size pump that you want and it wont use up all your water as fast. My setup is currently gravity fed due to no power in garden(too far from house, plant to change next grow.)i go through about 35 gal in a day if i dint keep an eye on it. It might be rain bird but not sure. Got it at menards. Dont know where you are but u might be able to find it on Amazon. . Again i will check when i get home


I leave spiders on my plants as well we just get dady long legs . Never seen one like that before looks cool as hell. Just remember to shake the girl from time to time to break up any webs that might form.


I have been looking for some cindy xx seeds for some time now would you mind messaging me where you got them from as ilgm does not let us post other seed bank names.


Check some of the US based outlets. I know for sure one has them.


@outdoorsforlife thank you for that info! It’s been an exciting week here at the homestead. Monday afternoon I noticed what I thought was more caterpillar damage so I sprayed with spinosad hoping that would be the last time until harvest next week. That was a big mistake. It was bud rot. To make matters worse it’s been foggy in mornings for a week or so but it burned off and got warm and sunny around 9am, like it always does in Vista. Well…Tuesday it never did. A nearby friend who didn’t spray also got some rot. So my stupidity down the home stretch will cost dearly.

So I’ve been putting in 12 hours daily trying to salvage what I can since Wednesday. Probably a 50% loss overall. The Cindy twins and Cali Dream got hit the hardest. Monday they call for rain but I should be done tomorrow. @dbrn32 they were amazing and absolutely covered in resin. Broke my heart but no time for crying now. Every significant bud had rot. Luckily Cindy in the big pot had heaps of popcorn buds not affected. Got 2 full heaping trays (the aluminum turkey size) so it wasn’t a total loss.

I wet trim before drying so it’s a slow process anyways and getting the bud rot out just makes it more tedious. I also do the hydrogen peroxide rinse. Funny how all those “friends” who scored many many many free ounces from last years harvest and even helped are scarce now. I have more than I need so it’s all good…they can go buy theirs at full pop at the dispensary lol. Anyways, coffees ready and the sun is up so it’s time to get started.

It’s all good and I hope others aren’t having to deal with this also…will post photos once the dust clears.


Keep your head up @DaGoose we all learn something new each grow.

One day I will start running indoor grows just to have total control over their environment, and hedge my outdoor crop. That day will eventually come.


Damn, you guys all getting hit hard again this year. At least you have some, hopefully Cindy is great!


@DaGoose, I really sympathize with you. At least your efforts here at the end are salvaging a lot of product. Remember that, come winter, you’ll be enjoying that smoke and won’t be in the stressful position you’ve been in these last days.