Grow Journal ILGM Gold Leaf, Blueberry, Strawberry Kush plus God Bud and Cindarella XX


@DaGoose I kept it simple, 3 separate lines, used two 44 gallon Brute Rubbermaid trash cans, with1/2 inch drip line, and one of these for each, takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes to empty.

Plus these for emitters, one per plant:

I used a 55 gallon Brute and 1/4 inch tubing and a smaller pump for my 3rd drip line, took 7 hours to empty it.

And one of these for each:

Plus one of these:

Going to use trash cans for rain :umbrella:️ water collection in winter.

Just keep eye :eye: on zip tie, it may be fine, my concerns would be it getting too tight.


@Big123…that’s what I needed…a reality check bro! So just run 1 emitter into each pot and adjust the coverage. I will try this first using the 1/4 inch feeder lines to the pot. Much easier and I just need the emitters. Hoping that 1 pump will do the trick. Gonna find out in the next week or two.

Thank you again!!!


I had to elevate the garbage can to make more pressure using little pump with 1/4 inch line, used bricks, scrap 2x4’s, and scrap plywood to make a little stand. Put 3 emitters per pot and came to find could only run it with one open at each. The 55 gallon not connected anymore, only going to use the two 44 gallons with 1/2 inch lines as reservoirs from here out, not using 1/4 inch line either, It came in handy though when I was gone for nine days. I’m not feeding nutrients through lines just ph/ed water :sweat_drops:


@Big123 thank you so much bro! I really appreciate you taking the time to take photos and all to help me out yet again!!! Since I have nutes in my water, will have to watch the emitters closely. Still thinking about doing the rings so no 1/4". Will run the main 1//2 line distribution and test on a few plants. Also thinking will only water in the morning or evening when it’s cool. Otherwise will be pumping very hot water on the girls.

Stay tuned lol…it’s quite the adventure and I LOVE IT!!! Spent a few hours today watching videos by Kevin Jodrey…this dude is sharp! He’s blowing my mind but I’m learning new stuff :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You’re most welcome, glad my amateur drip system example helps. I try to always water in the morning, right now I’m watering every other day.


Well…I procrastinated building my support cages and am now doing the walk of shame. Tall Cindy is now Stumpy Cindy. Happened right before my eyes Wednesday. Got home after work and checked out the girls then started making water like always. It was a bit windy but not more than usual. Back outside and Tall Cindy has a main branch hanging on the ground. Split right at the first knuckle when topped. Grabbed a bunch of zip ties to do a repair. Got the downed branch in place and then the other branches attached to that knuckle all broke while I was holding it to piece back together. That moment sucked in volume…so I proceeded to try and reassemble as best possible knowing it isn’t going to end well.

It didn’t. But at least I have 3 lower branches still left.

Immediately zip tied the opposing branches together in the middle of all the other girls to stabilize them until I could build cages. I had all the stuff already to do it…this will not happen next year. Cages will be up sooner. And @dbrn32 mentioned many weeks ago Cindy needed support. I’m not a very smart man sometimes. Just 3 left to cage now, and they will be done today.

Here’s ILGM Blueberry and BC God Bud. They are short and bushy but should have fat buds.

This is ILGM Chronic Widow and Cali Dream

And BAP Cindy

Also found the first caterpillar on a tall bud. Had sprayed the night before with Spinosad. Got it early and only 1 of the devil critters was there. The joys of outdoors growing :sunglasses:

Happy Gardening All!


@DaGoose shit happens, don’t let it get you down, keep your head up. I would chop off the dead Cindy branches sometime soon as well, at least part of her is still growing, she still has her roots.


@Big123 Thank you bro!!! Making memories eh…just the wrong kind :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m taking the dead stuff off today and gonna make the most of what’s left. My neighbors are outdoors so need to wait to be discreet.


Oh man that sucks! Keep on trucking though!


Hi All. We’ll I’m battling on as best I know how…which isn’t much! The louper moths have been busy mostly attacking my most developed buds on God Bud and Blueberry. Picked at least 15 of the devil’s off last week. Sprayed Monday with BT (dipel) and then again on Friday after finding a very small one that I’m thinking was unhatched Monday. Found 3 today. 2 dead on leaves, and one I dug out from a top bud that was mostly dead. So far I have mitigated the damage I hope. Got cages on everything but it’s still a work in progress. I’m not sure the drip system will be used this year. I’m used to babying them by hand watering and don’t need to screw anything else up this grow.

Here’s Stumpy Cindy with her custom bamboo prothestic

Blueberry and God Bud. These are super dense and have me most worried about the devil bugs.

Here’s a group shot of the rest and BAP Cindy. The buds seem to be filling out nicely but they don’t look entirely happy.

Closeup of one of BAP Cindy’s main cola’s

And one of God Bud and the pink pistils (sorry not a great shot)

One challenge this year is getting enough sun. I have 2 very large trees that were trimmed way back just before last season. They have grown a lot so in the shade now about 2:30pm then get the last 1 1/2 hours or so of indirect with the sunset.

Anyway’s…it’s all good and I’m enjoying the adventure.

Happy Gardening All!


2nd Cindy pic looks more leafy than I remember seeing. She’s being bashful haha.


@dbrn32 I’m just hanging on brother trying not to do something stupid again. BAP Cindy was really bushy/leafy so I’ve tried to thin the leaves out some so I can see her better :sunglasses:

Worried about powdery mildew plus I can see the damned worms easier. I think she really needs more direct sunlight but doing my best with the hand I’m dealt. Thanks so much for your help…really looking forward to tasting her.

Making cannabutter now. Yesterday decarbed some sticky God Bud fluff and wifey comes home right in the middle of it. The house smelled wonderful to me, but I got in BIG TROUBLE. Cheers bro!!!


Hahahaha, shit happens. I’m sure you’ll get em whipped too.


@DaGoose hang in there brother, sorry to hear about the caterpillar :bug: problems. You can always trim the tree yourself or have it trimmed or removed entirely by someone else if possible.


@Big123 actually there are 2 of them. Australian Potocarpus, prolly 60 years old. They provide much needed shade for the house in the summer (we have no AC). Cost $1400 to trim em back last year. So maybe only $1000 to lace them again. Then wifey would lace me out.

It’s all good!!!


I’m having a tree belonging to neighbor trimmed again in the Spring, had it done in 2016 for more sunlight in backyard, plus we had solar panels installed in 2015, the tree trimming helped a little with that too.


Hi All!

Been a while since I posted updates. Been battling the caterpillars and got laid off last week. So far have mitigated the devil bug damage but have easily picked 40 off my girls. Spinosad and BT have really helped. The good news is I will have plenty of time to harvest them now. A wee bit of powdery mildew has spotted on some leaves. I just removed them. Last year this was a huge problem and I sprayed heaps of vinegar on them. Want to avoid that however possible. Also cleared out the middles so they have better airflow and didn’t pinch the tops as much. It cost me some quantity come harvest time. I wanted to try and grow better quality/larger buds this year compared to my first grow last season. It will be interesting to see how it turns out.

Here’s a group shot from today

This is a Blueberry bud. Last year my plant was easily twice the size. This year it never really stretched much and just started growing fat/short buds. They will likely be softball shaped and hopefully that big.

This is a main Chronic Widow bud. It’s about 16 inches. Will have several of these of my 2 plants.

This is from Cindy in the BAP. She sure smells sweet.

Last but not least, this is bud from Stumpy Cindy. These buds are super dense and frosty.

Happy Growing All!!!


Thanks for update! Hopefully keep that wpm at bay too. Buds are definitely looking sexy!

Sorry to hear about the layoff. Hopefully that works out for best.


Thanks @dbrn32 !!

It’s all good. This stint with the company was 5 1/2 years. My first one there was 20 years. So this is the only place I’ve worked since I was 27 (58 now yikes!).


I agree with Rob and echo what he said about the job. Hopefully something better comes along for you!