Grow Journal ILGM Gold Leaf, Blueberry, Strawberry Kush plus God Bud and Cindarella XX


I’ve never messed with her outdoors, or familiar with how things grow outdoors by you. But she is shorter than what I would consider average indoors most of the time. You’ll probably know better in a couple of weeks, but you may need to stake those tops before it’s over. This feminized Cindy is pretty new to me as well, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they get big enough to fall over outdoors.


@dbrn32 It’s all good brother. I’m blessed to live in a really great climate in north county San Diego 7 miles inland.Closer to the coast and you get the marine layer and moisture related challenges. East of me a few miles it gets more hot and dry. Planning on staking most every one up with bamboo when they get heavy.

Dude…I’m just having a blast doing this…thanks for your help. And…Cindy just might rock it in Vista bro!!!


I’m sure she’ll be great, and seems like you’re in ideal place to grow outside too. You’ll appreciate those bamboo stakes for sure!


@DaGoose the ladies looking beautiful and happy, keep up the excellent work.


Hi All,

This week the girls really started stretching and the buds seem to be stacking up nicely. The Cindy twins started last.

Here’s ILGM Blueberry and BC God Bud. The Blueberry is simply awesome like last year…can’t wait.

ILGM Chronic Widow…first time with this one. It’s stretch is crazy good.

ILGM Cali Dream…first time again…and she is awesome!

Last but not least, the Cindy twins. They both seem super happy. BAP Cindy has never had dark leafs, but gets the same nutes as the others. Considering getting a Ph soil test kit to see what’s up. 6.5 going in all the time.

Happy Growing All!!!


Checking out Cindy’s bush lol, looks like she can be a helluva outdoor plant.


This week the Blueberry and God Bud are really stacking up with white pistils. The Chronic Widow and Cali Dream are also but they started later. Small Cindy is starting to show, Bushy Cindy maybe just barely.

Here’s a closeup of the Blueberry today.

Blueberry and God Bud…added some egg sinkers for a little LST to open them up a bit

This was last years blueberry on July 29 for reference, she seems much bigger and not in flower so much

ILGM Chronic Widow

ILGM Cali Dream

And…the Cindy twins @dbrn32 you like the bush?

Starting to use BT this week for the catepillars for my weekly spraying. Will rotate with spinosad.

Happy Growing All!


You know I do lmao!

Plants looking great!


Looking great, signed fellow bush lover


@Big123 you are the bush master bro… and @dbrn32 is the lighting guru who made me do Cindy. @MattyBear made me put her in the big ass pot.

It’s all good if I don’t do something stupid!!!


Most of the girls are tall enough now to be seen over the entry fence. So I moved a couple of my caged San Marzano tomatoes so in front to add some camouflage and break up that distinctive leaf pattern. Unfortunately this space does not get as much sun but I can’t keep moving them around now and be discreet. They are starting to stack up nicely. Neighbors are all outdoors so not going crazy with photos.

The God Bud and Blueberry are still short enough to stay in the best sunny spot. Hope they add another 18 inches or so before they stop stretching. Here they are.

Here’s the Cindy twins and their bushes. Still trying to sort out why BAP CIndy isn’t dark green like the others.

Group shot of pending budalishishness.

Happy Gardening All!


Out of likes, but I like lol


@dbrn32 Cindy is getting hairy too lol…


If there’s grass on field, play ball! Haha!


Managed to not kill any of em yet. It’s been pretty hot and humid for many days. Still have not hooked up my drip system because I can’t make enough RO water to make it worth while yet. So it’s 1 gallon at a time mixing and PH’ing each one until I sort that out. Never claimed to be a very smart man but oh well!

ILGM Chronic Widow (the tall buds are head high including the rollers and pot)

ILGM Cali Dream (love the 1 plant on the right with 4 colas side by each)

ILGM Blueberry (right) and BC God Bud. The Blueberry is 26 inches tall and about 39 inches wide and super dense buds forming.

The God Bud pistils have a pink hue I didn’t see last year

And…the BG Cindy twins. BAP Cindy is getting a bit greener now. It’s hard to make enough RO water to give her 4 or 5 gallons for deep watering. They both smell sweeeet and bushy!

Happy Growing All!!!


Gorgeous dude!


Just checked the Blueberry and realized why getting wider, the main stem split. Arghhhhh…so zip ties to the rescue. Lots like it’s time to build the bamboo cages before I let something else stupid happen.

I’m sure there will be more to this years adventure but it’s all good!!!


@DaGoose looking great my bud brother, in my humble opinion the zip tie on the stalk might get too tight and girdle/choke it out. Something stretchier might be better idea.


Aren’t they beautiful? Yes sir ree.


Hi @Big123 thank you!!! Just back from Lowes to get bamboo stakes…I may have some of the green tape somewhere but will definitely use it for the heaps of stuff I think so it’s on the list. The exposed part of the trunk in the split wasn’t green so it happened a while back. It took some pressure to get back together. What if I leave the zip ties on for a bit hoping it heals back together, then go to the green tape?

Geeking out on the drip system. I have all the stuff to do a simple drip line with the emitters in the pot on 1/4 inch tubing (small stuff. But after looking at how some of the commercial folks in other industries do it, I’d rather have the emitter directly attached to the 1/2 funny pipe. Less things to fail. I have 4 long drip lines for the landscaping here and am constantly dealing with clogs and blowouts. So I changed most of them so the emitter is on the 1/2 inch, and ran the 1/4 inch to the trees. It’s helped a bunch. But it’s on level ground. With the pots, it would be elevated and I don’t like that.

So…think I will make my drip rings like this and place them on the pots.

The input T would connect to an elbow fitting on the outside of the pot with a female threaded end. would T off the main line and terminate with a male threaded end. This way I can easily disconnect the rings. If I run 4 2GPH emitters on each ring, my pump only has to run 7 1/2 minutes for 1 gallon. Here’s the pump setup.

with huge thanks to @Growit for sharing this with me! It has no pressure regulator and I’m thinking that keeping with 1/2 inch pipes throughout, it may be more consistent.

Jeez…sorry for the brain dump. I overthink everything and really just like to piddle and experiment and see what happens :slight_smile: