Grow journal----Blue Dream auto & Big Bud auto. Round two


Happy friday :grin: Well week 7 is done for the B.D., I went in tonight with every intention of re arranging the plants. I started feeling pretty off so i decided to wait. I looked at the B.D. and they are getting some what interwoven it looks. I don’t want to mess things up while they are going good. I pulled the B.B. and started tying her down. I am sure I heard her yell “Hey, easy, that’s my arm” a few times. I probably pulled her down about 5 or 6 inches just on the top. I am leaving her where she is for now. That got me a lot of light room. I got to lower them a lot. Other than that. Every thing is going good still. I can’t help but feel I am not going to get the oz from each plant right now. I am just going by the looks of the very first one I did. I got 1/8 from it. I am still happy though. Just the fact that things are going good and I am making fewer mistakes is reward enough for this round. Now next round. I will expect more hahaha I have magnum auto seeds I really want to do. From what I have read. it is a monster auto. Like 5 to 6 footer. So when I do it. I will probably only do it and one other plant. Enough of the boring stuff. Here are a few pictures. The last one is where I tied the last top branch down. I guess I missed it on the table lol These sure would be easier to water if I could trim off a few lower branches lol

This is the B.B. before I tied her down

And after


Well my friends. Today I got another lesson lol I am not ready to handle starting plants at 3 different time. I have a feeling it may get a little overwhelming once the 2 younger plants hit 6 weeks old. It Looks like starting tomorrow, I will have to feed 3 of them differently. B.D. #1 only wants a little food. Her buds are smaller than B.D. #2 by a lot. B.D. 2 can’t seem to get enough food. I upped her food 2 times and I always get a reading of under 200 ppm back. So I am going to try it at full strength. The B.B. is growing like a week and eating like B.D. #2. The more I give. The more it wants. Another week and it may be the same size as as the B.D. It is 2 weeks younger than them. The AK is 3 weeks behind the B.D. and needs different nutes.
Do you think I could get away with feeding the B.B. and B.D. the same food. The B.D. are starting week 8 now & the B.B. week 6.
For what ever reason, today i have felt super stressed or anxious? Any ways, my friend quit smoking and went to edibles a little bit back. He gave me what he had left “Blue Dream” to give to another friend. I am thinking once I am done here. I am going to try some. I haven’t smoked in about 40 years. Even then it was only a few times. It just wasn’t for me then. It always seemed to turn me into a vegetable. I felt like i would just melt into the chair. kind of what I need now LOL So this will be a first time in what seems like forever… I am hoping it will let my brain relax a touch. Every thing is done for the night so all I have to do is nothing lol
So wish me luck lol


Just keep a chart or calendar to keep your feeds straight, and you’ll be fine. It’s definitely harder work, though.


I have a book for each one. That lets me know when I need to adjust and for which one. I would be totally lost with out it. :grin: One plant only needs a half gallon of water, another about 3/4 and 2 others are up to close to a gallon a day. I think the next grow will be 2 plants. 3 max and all started at the same time. lol


@TDubWilly, Here is where I am at. This way I don’t have to feel like I am taking the 20 days off track


I’m here to brother :smiley: :v:


lol, I think in about a month or so. We will be back in the high 90s or better if it is any thing like last year. I have an a/c unit in the room but don’t have things totally sorted out yet. I have seen temps in the tent reach high 80s a few times. Plants seemed to deal with it ok.


Ok my friends. I have a couple more questions if I may :grin: @MattyBear, @TDubWilly, @FloridaSon, @raustin, @Myfriendis410, @Countryboyjvd1971, @blackthumbbetty or any one that can help.
As of the last 2 or 3 days. The leaves on my B.D have been feathering upwards. I do have just a touch more brown on them. Has been over a month since that started and I got if taken care of right away. I moved the lights up 2 inches last night and another tonight thinking it may be heat related. I am now 21" above the plants. I know I have been feeding a little heavy. my fault for changing and thinking I would remember what I fed. I know it was under 1/2 strength of my chart. Going by the bottle I am a 1/6 of what they recommend. Tonight feeding was above 1000 ppm. I wanted closer to 500. That is with the cal mag too. The leaves curling a little is what I am most concerned about first. I notice the picture above shows some of what I am referring too.

Second, this is new territory for me. I noticed a few of the white hairs are turning amber colored. Is this normal? I just finished week 8. I looked at the tricomes and they still look clear from what I see. I was looking at the leaves.


I’ve always noticed it to be either heavy light, heavy heat, or a combo of both.


I’ve also noticed low humidity causing that.


Thanks, I guess I will have to choose lights for now. I have raised them twice. My humidity runs between 45 & 55. Tent temps are about 68 - 78. My lights are 22" above the top cola. If it is like that in the morning. I guess i will have to try 24" up. if that fixes it. it tells me I will not be able to grow any thing very tall due to the light heat… I am getting close to the roof now.


I just went to buy this. I should have got it right then. They have jacked the prices up on all 3 of these they sell. This is currently out of stock. Figures. I snooze I loose lol This is 87.00 now. I went a head and ordered it though. Hopefully it will be back in stock before I have to get more water.


Newby, first grow and I am currently in flower of a Hydro BD. It’s out of control. filling my entire grow tent. I have colas as large as a forearm but don’t when the “right” time to harvest. Any suggestions?


Get some super close-up shots of your trichomes.


@Truth2.0, I agree. And I would like to see a picture of that. :grin:


Ya me 2. The name says it all. Lol


Well, I still have the issue with a few leaves clawing. I just read that it may be from having the fans blowing on the plants in in spot. Not oscillating. I also noticed that where they are clawing is right under the center of the light. I moved the fans to blow over the tops now. I am realizing this should also be my last grow till I get a few more things sorted out. I have to leave the lights on at least 16/8 or deal with high humidity. The lights keep it in check. It doesn’t help that we have a few days each week that look like rain but never get it. So 100% humidity out side. :rage: I am trying to find a junk or cheap window a/c unit right now. As it is, my tent vent is right back into the same room. I leave the door partially open to vent it. I think if I got a window a/c unit. I could gut it and the install it so it looked like a real one. Then run the vent to it. That way any noise and it would just seem like I had it or the fan for it on :grin:
I am a little worried right now, mainly because I am getting closer to the end of the B.D. grow. I don’t want mold, and I don’t want to cook the plants.
I have the lights as far up as I can right now, which is 24" off the plants. I have a 80" ceiling in the tent and wish I could have gone more. That was the max I could do in here. So, I definitely need to re think things.
I have spent as much as I can now. This was originally supposed to be a $300 hobby. I now have enough in this that I could have painted my truck. I got sucked in fast. I really enjoy the growing. just not sure if I can afford it any more. I ordered the R.O. system and it is on back order. I am up to about $40 a month just in water now. I am using 3 gallons a day and it keeps going up.
I am a little frustrated that things are taking a wrong turn for the plants again. I honestly thought I had this some what figured out. Some how I lost the word file on here for my grow. it reverted to about week 2. I have my book but I didn’t keep notes for all the little details. I think I started flower around week 3 or maybe it was 4. Best I can figure is the B.D. should be done at the end of the month or close to it.
Sorry for the rant. Wish I could take these meds. I would probably be feeling better then :grinning:


This is from another thread but it could fix your issue. The ice in the cooler is cheaper than electricityimage


Don’t get discouraged, we all have setbacks. I know this hobby can really clean out your wallet, but it does peak when you have everything and then gets better and once you get your r/o system you won’t have to buy water. Try to stay positive. :slightly_smiling_face:


@Justgrowin, Thanks, I had looked making one of those a while ago. I have a/c in the room. My big issue is not being able to vent the tent to out side. If I can get so I can do that. I can run my dehumidifier in the room. and cure that issue.
@raustin, Thanks. This probably wouldn’t bother me so much if I was not in flower. After all my issues and then how well this was going. I thought I kind of had it figured out. I am probably more mad at my self for starting so many plants this time. I know better. My tent really is not set up for more than 3 at a time. 2 would be even better room wise. If I was not in flower. I would probably tear all this down and move it to a back room where a vent would not be noticeable. Well, only to my neighbor and he knows what I am doing. I found that the more I get into this. the more I see I need to change. I am working on what I need to do to dry these when they are done. Plans so far are to use the closet across from my tent. Then use my spare fan to vent into my tent and let the filter in there handle the smell. No cost for that if no one says I shouldn’t do it that way. Once the B.D. are out of the tent. i will feel better. It is about to get very crowded in there. The B.B. is growing quick and the AK is also starting to show it is ready to grow. I will make it through this. Maybe not as easy as i would like. lol I do look forward for evenings when I get to go see how these are doing and feed. I have never been patient. this is definitely teaching me that. :grin: