Grow journal----Blue Dream auto & Big Bud auto. Round two


@MattyBear, @raustin Thanks. I wasn’t sure. I think the Big bud may turn out pretty good. it is 2 weeks behind these and the main stem is all ready bigger than the Blue dream. This is great. More than half way through and no problems with any of these. In a few more weeks i hope the tent looks similar to yours Matty. :grin: I am seeing the difference between the Sativa’s and Incica’s now. Big difference in leaves. I will be curios to see if the B.B. stretches like the B.D. or if it stays short.


Nicely done, @Not2SureYet, those are really impressive looking plants.


For sure, very nice looking!


Thanks. I topped the AK last night. The B.D keeps growing. I t went up another couple inches over night. And to think. my original plans were to try and do 3 of these with CFL lights. I definitely would have bitten off more than I could chew then. The LED’s make it easy. Which is a major plus for me.


@MattyBear, @Myfriendis410m @Countryboyjvd1971, @raustin, @blackthumbbetty, @FloridaSon3 A quick question. Can you aggressively top autos? I have topped the B.D. and now the B.B. last night. I would like to do more on the B.B. if I can to make it even more bushy. I topped it one set of leaves down, more than I wanted. I should not do this with my contacts out lol. I was surprised to see it is all ready growing more stems? from there today. Sorry about tagging every one but I would like to do more tonight if it is agreed it would be ok. I have had great luck topping all my plants.
Thanks and Happy 420 :grin:


Most people agree that topping an auto is not a good idea, so topping an auto aggressively is definitely not a good idea. It can hermie on you. I would give her a rest before more topping.


You just extended your harvest date…


You may have stunted them, already. :pensive:


Thanks every one. I topped the B.D at week 3 and they are growing an inch plus a day. I only have abut 8 more inches I can raise the lights. Then I have to figure out how to get a little more or pull the plants and remove the shelf they are sitting on. If I stunted them. It could be a good thing. :smile: The B.B. I did last night is all ready growing again. The AK is little so un touched and will stay that way now. See, you folks taught me another lesson. I will not top them any more. I have to say. Since I changed to bottled water, things have turned around. All for the better. Tomorrow is picture day. I also measure them to see how the progress each week. The B.D. #1 is back over 2 feet tall again. I will see if I can tie her down a little bit more. #2 is right behind her. @FloridaSon, I only extended it by a day right :grin: lol


Lol…yeah, ok, sure…


I figured it was worth a shot LOL I just measured the B.B. after reading here. It grew 1.5" over night :grin:
I am pretty glad to start on a auto now. I see I may have a few things to sort out before trying to grow a tall plant. If this extends the harvest date. maybe I will get lucky and have it close to the Ak. It is just over a week behind the B.B. As long as the plants stay healthy. I am not in a big rush.:grin: My friends may be a different story LOL


Well, today ends week 6 for the B.D. And every one is still alive lol I am still learning little things as I go. Like, I need to put the A/C back in the tent room tomorrow though. I close the door when I water since my little dog likes to be where I am. I don’t let her in the room when the tent doors are open because she is ground level, which means she would always be looking up into the lights.
When I watered today. The temps went from 77 to 90 pretty quick.
I have also been having a harder time watering. More so, getting under or around the plants to water. With the ties I have holding down some of the branches, it just makes it harder for me. I have been trying to figure out an easier way to water. And today I found it. I bought a plastic transmission funnel, then heated the small end and smashed it flat. This thing works awesome. I can drop the funnel in an open spot and almost water all way round the plant with out removing the funnel. I pretty much don’t even have to see where the tip is. I just follow the edge of the bucket or around the stem. I am sure some one probably all ready does this. But I just felt like I have been asking to many questions lately to ask another simple one. This will make watering the B.B. and the other plants a lot easier for me as they grow. The B.B is getting thicker, bushier and is now over a foot tall for the end of week 4. One of the B.D. is at 26" even though I keep pulling her branches down. The B.B. should really start growing next week if it is any thing like the B.D. The little AK is starting to grow nicely too. After this. No more than 3 plants will be allowed in the tent at one time. LOL
Other than that. I hope every one is having a great weekend.


@Myfriendis410, I was reading a post of yours that you replied with to another user.

“Cal mag is only necessary if the tds of your tap water is below about 300 ppm.”

Could the fact that my tap water ppm is 530, and I was adding a bunch of calmag each watering on my last grow. Cause some of the issues I had with the brown leaves? And no, I am not going to try and use my tap water any time soon. I am looking into a RO system since this bottled water is adding up fast. :grin:


@Not2SureYet Check out the RO Buddie on Amazon.


That’s what I have, 450-500ppm in, 0ppm out.


Isn’t it a good little inexpensive ro system for home growers?


Awesome. It’s slow, but that’s easily worked around.


I use it for 6-8 plants. Any more, and the system would definitely be too slow.


I have four plants, so if I had to water all of them in the same day, it would take about two hours to get 4 gallons.


@elheffe702 @blackthumbbetty I have the same one too. My TDS at the tap is between 450 and 550 PPM depending on which well the city tapped and the R/O buddie delivers 0.

@Not2SureYet I would try to get a municipal water report (they are required to make it available) to see what the hardness is. Generally calcium sulfate (gypsum) is the worst offender but is good for the plants. The problem is it takes away from your total TDS you can deliver to the plants. I use cal mag in conjunction with tap water but sparingly and only if the plant tells me. That said: I grew several bonneroo grows without doing anything haha!