Grow journal----Blue Dream auto & Big Bud auto. Round two


It wasn’t my thread? LOL


Haha I don’t mind because I learn from what y’all do too :wink::v:


Anyway, I was just sold on the drain-hole set-up and the wheels. You could get any plant caddy with casters, put a round tray on it, and pop a drain spout in it.


I’ll check in over there in a minute Brian :+1:


I just answered where it was asked LOL no skin off my back either way :slight_smile:


I don’t mind one bit. :wink: I like that roller you posted.


I was looking for some thing like that for a bit. With a built in drain tray. I get any where from 4 to 8 cups of run off though. Depends if I am watering or feeding. I give a little less when I just water. It gives me some thing to work with though. I would be happy if I could find a tray similar to that if I could fit my 16" saucers under it. Once they are in place. I really wouldn’t need to move them around but one or 2 times.


I’m lost @Not2SureYet, I log in the wrong place looking to find information on ‘RH’ while drying & curing. Lovely big buds my man.:slightly_smiling_face:


@Peck, this link here may help you

I try to dry at 50% or lower and use these humidity packs my self when I jar the bud. They are 62%


Ok, I guess it is time to update a little since I have neglected this side for to long.
This is basically the same as what I have on the other side.

Every one here are nice and happy. :grin:

The Bubblegum is starting to fatten up. She should have about 3 weeks left as a guess.

The Magnum is starting to fill out nicely.

The Caramel,well, she just keeps growing lol She is getting close to making buds now :grin:

And the PH, altho looking pretty hammerd is doing great. I just started tying a lot of her branches down last night. She was getting a little tall in some areas. I am sure by my next update she will be looking spectacular lol.

I did rearrange a little. I switched places with the PH & BG. This way the PH would get the benefit of the QB light.

I also moved the 600 light to the magnum, and added two of the 450s over the BG, and to help cover the end of the PH.

So for now all is great. I am pretty sure my issue with the thrips were taken care of with the dawn soap and water :grin:

The little magnum has grown a bit since her last picture
This will be starting week 9 in a few days

I keep trimming the leaves off this caramel and she grows them back just as fast
She is starting week 12 now

The purple haze looks a little ragged from tying every thing down. Give her a week and she will look awesome lol
She almost through week 9

And the little Bubble gum. I think she has about 3 weeks left to go or close to it.
She starts week 11 tomorrow. Her buds are just starting to fatten up

And just a couple pictures showing the lay out now


I love the PVC scrog set-up! You have a larger size on the bottom so the height is adjustable? I just bought me a few sticks of and some "stoner-Lego’s’’ (pvc fittings :wink: ) and you got my :gear::gear::gear: turning


Yes, the tubes slide up and down. @Myfriendis410 is the one to question if you have any. I basically copied his. He has his so he can pick it up and move it. I will do that to mine next time. I just wanted to get it done to use right away. I will post a few pictures of just the scrogg when I get home to show you what it looks like empty. post 702 shows it pretty good too.


I can scroll up, no worries about finding a pic.


I get the general idea, and I love McGuyver-ing stuff :wink: I’m thinking a set of holes drilled near the top of each bottom leg, then measured holes in the bottoms of the upper legs every inch or so and a pin to secure them at an adjustable height.


I use a sheet metal screw in each leg for just that purpose. Any of the joints in the SCROG that would pull apart when picked up get a screw in it. And I marked the uprights every inch with magic marker to help with the adjustment. Practically speaking the adjustment isn’t really needed but it does help when putting the plant into the screen.


A quick picture of the Bubblegum. It smells sweet and just like gum to me. I thought the Blue Dream was sweet but this one is great…



You need to enter this in BOM!!! ASAP!!!


Thanks Matt, This is not from ILGM. I can’t seem to order from them. I have tried but never get the second confirmation email to complete the ordering. Seems more complicated than it needs to be. I have let them know but just got a link to a page to re order. Tried to contact them again and have heard nothing back. I wanted to get a blue haze to grow, and see if i could do one for the bud of the month here.
Just to be able to say I entered at least once lol


My bad. She’s a beauty either way :wink: