Grow journal----Blue Dream auto & Big Bud auto. Round two


Ok. So @latewood can speak best to this but I can answer most of the questions.

This site is the ILGM free support forum set up as a community site for growers around the world to get together and enjoy hassle free discussions. This is the backup site for the seed shop.

From this site Robert developed his lab. based on his experience and the discussions here he put together a full course in growing from seed to harvest, soil and hydro. To support that site there are forums just like this one for lab members. Access to those forums comes when you join Bergmans Lab. You can get lifetime access for a one time fee or make monthly payments. In the latter case the modules become available as the monthly payments are made, a new module or two each month. But access to those forums is available from day one.

You get the full Grow modules and personal assistance from commercial growers (up to a point, they won’t set up a giant Grow lab for free :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). That’s my take.


Looks like they have you covered here @Johnzy81, I was lucky enough to be reading a thread where a link was posted to join. I saw most of those that were helping me here, were over there as well. So I joined. I was glad I did. I was able to talk more with @Myfriendis410 and found we live in the same town. I now am friends with him here. I was lucky and got in when they had a special going on. I would say it is definitely worth looking into. I also think you both would like it over there.


That is the best part of the private forum. Nice to have someone to interact with in person rather than the forum. It also expands our inventory of available cannabis as I’d never had Blue Dream. AK47 or Big Bud.


I still need to find out about location and time difference? And are the modules live or recorded or is there set times, and is there anyone in Western Europe that us taking part, if @latewood is around maybe he could help me out here, I have been hesitant in ordering my new seeds for my next grow, not been able to get any information on how it all works with all of that, sorry, @Not2SureYet I am hijacking your thread. :v:️.


Latewood isn’t involved in the private module; the public forum is his bailiwick if I understand correctly. I believe most of the mods are on East Coast time. @Johnzy81


@Johnzy81, feel free to post any thing you like here. It is all good. This may very well help some one else out down the line :grin:


@Whodat66, I figured I would tag you over here so I don’t high jack some one else s thread.
I have always topped. Then it is easy to keep a level canopy. I will post a picture of my fim tonight. You can some what see in the above picture that I still have the main cola after the fim


Thanks dude. So far I have topped, super-cropped, scrogged, LST’d, and quite possibly may have FIM’d.
If you saw my comment about FIM’ing, it’s basically a “why not?” thing.
I get the plant height thingy, but what you do with those 2 or 4 cola’s after they pop is what will control plant height. The number of things you are ‘leveling’ seems an odd concern.

I did see a grow on here where the dude “mainlined” (?) and it looked like he topped the very first node to start with 2 main stems.


One thing I haven’t tried is a SOG. That is why I am letting one of my plants grow unmolested just to see what happens. I want to see how many plants I could reasonably fit in a 2.5 x 3 closet. I know for a fact that I could fill the room with one plant if I keep it in veg long enough, but with 17 seeds in the fridge and no stockpile, that is a project for later seeds.


Thanks, That was what I was wondering about. I don’t seem to have gotten any more than when I top. I will check tonight and post a good picture. I am still new to a lot of this. I have to keep my plants under 40 inches for my lights. Almost all my plants are autos too. Other wise I would try to main line. I am going to have @Myfriendis410 show me a little about that on the PH once she is big enough. I may have a few questions for you down the line if that is cool


For now, you can picture me as Scarlet O’Hara, looking at the ashes of Tara (former hassles in marriage etc.) and vowing

"As God is my witness, I shall never be weed-less again!"

hit’s bong and awaits reply LOL


For me, I can only fit one of my autos in a 3x3 lately. I figure I will be limited to 3 full size in my 4x8 tent if I want a little room to move in there. I have only had 3 plants stay some what small so far. One is the magnum above.
This was in my 4x4 tent


Now that I trust the ILGM seed-purchasing system (I sent cash and cringed…)What I see is that with a 10+10free, I am ‘stuck’ :wink: with the need to grow 17 more Superskunk plants. I have a feeling that after my next grow (maybe after this one) I’ll want to try a different strain.

So with the SOG concept, I think, I would just be going for as many big top-cola as possible (one per plant) with each plant directing all of it’s energy into producing one that one ginormous bud. Or at least that is what I’ve read.


@MattyBear, may be able to help you some. I know he is good at getting a lot of plants in his 3x3 tent


Cool. I’ll post something on mine and tag him in. Time to check on the ladies anyway :wink:


You should tag me in as well :grin:


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ok, I am watching so many. I get lost some times with how is growing what. I though I was in wildwest’s thread when you responded. I have to un watch some every now and then. I get close to 45 notifications a day for just one thread. I am on the other side most of the time. So when i get back here. it can take hours to get cough up some times. Sneekgrannys thread can have 50 new post a day. A lot oging on over there :grin:


@dbrn32 is a fan of the SOG method…